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Monday’s #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show was All About Forgiveness | This is All That Happened



Monday's #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show was All About Forgiveness | This is All That Happened | BellaNaija

They’ve all decided to be friends, guys. Everyone has kissed and made up and it’s forward from here, no looking back. We’re talking about the #BBNaija women, of course.

If you’ve been following the #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion show, you know then that it’s been drama, drama, drama. But Monday’s was simply moving.

Monday’s was a continuation of Friday’s, at whose end we saw Alex walk off in tears.

On Monday, the first thing we saw was Cee C backstage urging Alex to come back to the stage and let them talk it out. Alex said she couldn’t, that she was tired, and she shared one of the most heartbreaking things of the night: that fans of Cee C once locked her inside a toilet at an event. Although she stopped crying, Alex asked that Cee C give her breather, that couldn’t go back in.

Princess and Vandora had something to say: Princess said both Cee C and Alex being honest about how they feel is the first step to them healing. And Vandora said she didn’t understand Alex’s tears because she felt Alex was giving off an “I don’t care” vibe.

Then while the girls were talking on the stage, Alex walked back and straight to Cee C and wrapped her in a hug. It was so sweet. Cee C quickly reciprocated and hugged her right back, told her, “Thank you.”

A little drama still creeped in after that, with Ifu Ennada discussing all the times Alex had been attacked and had spoken to her about Cee C, and about speaking to Cee C about her fans, asking her to talk to them, tell them to calm down.

Then there was the gist about Ifu Ennada making over 5 million a day when selling her hair products. Although she quickly returned to say it was only “a projection.” She also shared how Cee C’s dad called her and told her herself and Cee C would make good friends because they’re both good people.

But Cee C had nothing but love. She said she loves everyone and wants them all to be cool. “I love you all,” she said. “Even Alex.”

Then we heard from Alex and BamBam about the entire “BamBam is fake” controversy. Alex shared how she once heard BamBam speak pidgin with phoneh, how BamBam was always conscious of the cameras. BamBam said she wasn’t fake, though, and yes she was conscious of the cameras but she couldn’t have pulled off consistently being fake for that long.

We also heard a little about Princess, Miracle and Nina, how Miracle would flirt with Princess and Princess would go with it because she liked how Nina would “turn red.”

Then suddenly we saw Ahneeka crying, and that’s when s*** hit the fan. Because while she was trying to explain something while crying, Ifu Ennada cut in and it turned to a shouting match that almost became a fistfight. Seriously. Shoes went off. Ebuka and members of the crew and other housemates had to keep them away from each other. Ebuka was so disappointed in them.

But Ahneeka apologised and explained what she was trying to say. And, like the night was, it was all forgiveness. Because Ifu apologised too and she cried and Ahneeka cried and we cried and it was so moving.

And that’s all, guys! From the highlights we saw, looks like it’s all love and light today.

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