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6 Things We Won’t Forget From Wednesday Night’s #BBNaija Double Walaha Reunion Show



6 Things We Won't Forget From Wednesday Night's #BBNaija Double Walaha Reunion Show | BellaNaijaMonday and Tuesday nights had the (re)introductions, during which we could not wait until the show started proper (although it was nice to see our housemates back on the screen).

On Wednesday night the show went live and mannnn, they did not disappoint. At all. There was so much tea it was hard to keep up.

If you didn’t watch it, we can only say sorry. And catch you up on all you missed, because, you know, BellaNaija’s got your back.

Here are six things that went down last night that we won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Or ever.

BamTeddy’s Declaration of Love
Nothing better to start with than the most emotional part of the night. All the housemates clapped, even, including Ebuka, after BamBam said what she said: That although she and Teddy A are typically not each other’s type, what’s keeping them together is the genuine love they have for each other. It was so sweet.

The Drags
Blood of Jesus! It was like the housemates had even less mercy because they kept dragging each other from the start as if they were breathing.

The first question Ebuka asked was directed at DeeOne and what he said was his pairing with Vandora was detrimental to him. He would have lasted more without her, he said.

Then Princess said the same thing about Bitto, saying getting paired with him contributed to her getting evicted. Then Bitto returned the favor and said Princess’ hysterics was annoying.

Then when Teddy A rolled his eyes at a comment DeeOne made, something about him being conservative.

The draggiest drag of the night was definitely Ifu Ennada going HAM on Angel, telling him Ahneeka was way out of his league.

Alex Bottling Something In
Everyone who saw last night’s show agrees: Alex is keeping something bottled in. You could see it every time she spoke, her voice shaky.

It was there when they asked her how her pairing with Tobi was and she said it was “just there.” Girl, what?

We still remember her tears when Leo was evicted from the house, but she said she preferred Tobi to Leo and didn’t want to date him.

Even people on social media noticed, making comments about her demeanor.

The Relationships Before the House
So much we didn’t know while watching the show, you guys.

Okay, so we knew Khloe and K Brule were in some sort of relationship before the house, yeah? Well, she revealed that what they’d had was a friends with benefits kind of arrangement, as she wasn’t one to get stuck in a relationship.

Then the one we never saw coming was Rico Swavey and Princess. Apparently they’d had a thing before they both went in into the house, although either of them refused to reveal what it was (slys, the both of them). Seemed like it was something serious sha.

The Ahneeka/Angel/Rico/BamBam Love Square
This one was a case of someone liking someone and the other person liking that person too but liking another person too and that one liking someone else and someone turninoniown. See, the whole thing was just jagajaga.

Angel liked Ahneeka. Rico liked Ahneeka but decided to go for BamBam instead because he preferred her and Angel already liked Ahneeka. But Ahneeka preferred Rico to Angel. And BamBam didn’t like that Rico was indecisive. And Angel was acting like he liked Ahneeka sometimes and other times he wanted to be just friends. Yeah, this one pass love triangle.

And Last But No Way the Least: Lolu Saying No to Anto
Does everyone else remember Lolu saying when he was evicted that he’d like a relationship with Anto? Because we do. Clearly.

Confusing, then, when Anto revealed that after the house, Lolu said “no” about a relationship between them. E confuse us.

But Lolu explained why he declined her proposal: they are two different people looking for two different things out of life.

Photo Credit: @bigbronaija

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