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Tuesday’s #BBNaija “Double Wahala” Reunion Show had Some Drama | Here’s What You Missed



Tuesday's #BBNaija "Double Wahala" Reunion Show had Drama, Drama & Drama | Here's What You Missed | BellaNaijaThe Big Brother Naija reunion show dubbed the #DoubleWahalaReloaded kicked off on Monday, with 10 housemates back on our screens.

On Tuesday we had the rest of our faves, including everyone’s favorite couple #BamTeddy, back on our screens.

We had BamBam, Brule, Princess, Lolu, Ahneeka, Ifu Ennada, Tobi, Vandora, Teddy A and, definitely not the least, Khloe.

Tuesday was even more juicy, with the housemates telling us exactly what they want to learn from others at the reunion show.

Lolu didn’t even play nice. What does he want out of the reunion show? To know if Cee C is over Tobi, and if Tobi is over Cee C.

BamBam, regal as ever, talked about life after the show, including going to Aba and her beauty products, and not being able to fly okada again. Sorry, BamBam, we feel your pain.

K Brule talked about being the second housemate whose name starts with K to get evicted from the house. (First was Kemen.) (Also, that means only Ks have been evicted from the house—third being Khloe. Interesting.)

Princess said the reunion show would be like opening Pandora’s box. Drama and drama and drama is how she described it. (We can’t wait.)

Ahneeka said staying in the Big Brother house was like staying in an abusive relationship. And her favorite moment in the house? Getting rejected by DeeOne.

Everyone had been saying they’d stay away from drama during this reunion show but not Ahneeka. She said she has issues with some people and will talk about it if she’s forced to.

Tobi was cool, calm and collected, revealing he’s been juggling acting and hosting and releasing a single and photography and on and on like that since he left the house.

Ifu Ennada gisted us that some housemates have serious issues with her that if they learned she was coming to the reunion show they wouldn’t show up. (It’s that serious.) She also has a question for Cee C: Why can’t we all be friends? (Why?)

Teddy A’s question took us back to the early days: K Brule, why did you jump?

While we hoped he’d mention crying when BamBam was evicted, he said instead that his worst moment was when he was evicted from the house.

Vandora said there’ll be plenty drama and shade and fighting during the reunion show, but she’ll just be watching from the sidelines (we want her in the middle of at least one, if we’re going to be honest).

Khloe aka Koko aka King Koko gave us the juiciest tea of the night. She went right into it: Herself and Leo can never be friends because: “I don’t like snakes.” (Whew!)

Koko said if she could go back she would keep her mouth shut, and added that there’s too much fake love from the housemates.

All in all, we can’t wait for the show to start proper and for the real drama to begin. Until then, see ya!


  1. Nkechi

    March 21, 2019 at 9:47 am

    I love my bam teddy family

  2. Daniel

    March 21, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    I just love how Tobi is composing himself.

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