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Otto Orondaam shares Why Feminism is the Fight against Humanity’s Common Enemy



A lot of people think feminism is an “anti-men” idealogy, a movement by “bitter” women who want to be “greater” than men. Others think being a man, and a feminist is tantamount to weakness.

Not only is this notion far from the truth, it’s also faulty and social entrepreneur Otto Orondaam shares why.

Writing on his Twitter, Otto said “in the fight for feminism, both men and women have a common enemy – the patriarchal and misogynistic system that has caused men institutional harm and left women oppressed for centuries.”

He continued: “When we want equal opportunities for all, were also saying, we want a world where women are paid equally, can become breadwinners & men are not shamed for it. Where women aren’t punished for being pregnant & where the man gets enough paternity leave to also take care of the baby.”

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