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More Countries Ban Boeing’s 737 Max 8 as US’ FAA says Plane is Airworthy



European countries are now banning the Boeing 737 Max 8 airplane from their airspace, but according to the BBC, the US’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) insists the model is airworthy.

This reaction is coming after two B737 Max 8 planes were involved in fatal crashes in the space of six months.

The latest incident which involved an Ethiopian Airlines plane left 154 people dead.

A section of the aviation community has called on authorities to ground the aircraft pending full investigation.

Dozens of countries including Germany, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Iceland and Austria have joined China and Ethiopia in banning the plane from their airspace.

In the wake of this, air passengers apprehension over the safety of the B737 Max 8 plane is rising dramatically.

Boeing says it has “full confidence in safety of 737 MAX” and “does not plan to issue new guidance to operators”.

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