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Everything You Missed from #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Finale Polygraph Tests

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Everything You Missed from #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Finale Polygraph Tests | BellaNaija

The #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show is over! The show is over! But not without some more drama.

Sunday night’s show had the housemates taking polygraphs, all of them, except Miracle who’s been absent, and Cee C who said she was staying away from Big Brother drama, and Nina who was signing an endorsement deal on the same day.

All the others were made to take polygraph tests, and we learned if their answers were true or not.

The first to go was Lolu, who was asked if he loved Anto. Lolu said he didn’t, and the polygraph said it was the truth.

Most of the housemates expressed surprise, but both Anto and Lolu said love was a strong word, but like would have been more accurate.

Vandora was the next to go, and she was asked if she believes Alex is now her friend. The answer was surprising: a no, which the polygraph said was true.

Vandora dropped bombs: things like how she feels people around Alex don’t want them to be friends, how Alex took someone’s man, how Alex knows what she’s doing.

Alex was surprised, too, by the answer. She didn’t understand where Alex was coming from, and would have called Vandora a friend.

We had the first “Lie” when DeeOne answered that he doesn’t believe his secret (that he was married) cost him the game. Although DeeOne insisted he didn’t lie, and he felt he was evicted because voters didn’t understand him, Cee C said she believed the polygraph because she felt DeeOne was very conscious of his secret.

The polygraph also said it was a lie when Princess answered no to the question asking if she thought she would have made a better partner to Teddy A than BamBam.

It was funny when Ahneeka said Teddy A was tamed by BamBam and he answered: No woman tames Teddy A.

Princess said she was surprised by the result of the polygraph because she was rarely ever around Teddy A, and BamBam said she was indifferent to the result and definitely wouldn’t be getting angry over a polygraph.

It was so sweet and everyone cheered when the polygraph said Teddy A was telling the truth when he said yes to the question: Do you think BamBam is the one?

BamBam was so relieved. She said she’s only human and there’s always doubt, but the polygraph was a reassurance.

Tobi apologized for calling BamBam fake in the house, and said he wants to be the flower boy at their wedding.

It was deemed another lie by the polygraph when Angel said he didn’t think Ahneeka was a weak partner. He explained that he felt Ahneeka held her own both physically and mentally against the male housemates.

The polygraph, again, said it was a lie when Tobi said no to the question: Did you get close to Alex to spite Cee C? When Bitto said he believes Tobi and not the polygraph, Ebuka made an important point: that the housemates celebrate the polygraph when it says their answers are true, but castigate it when it says they lied.

Ifu Ennada, ever the truth teller, said yes when she was asked if she felt she was evicted because Leo, her partner, was weak.

Cee C came to Leo’s defense and said she felt fans would love him because he was cool and calm and attractive.

Ifu explained that her answer wasn’t malicious, and she answered yes because when they were going to be voted back into the house, she got one of the highest votes and Leo got the lowest.

Another lie: when K Brule said he didn’t jump because Lolu kissed Anto. The entire house agreed they believed K Brule, and he jumped because he was intoxicated, not because he was crazy about Anto.

The polygraph and all the housemates agreed when Khloe said, no, she didn’t become friends with Cee C because she was popular.

Everyone agreed that Khloe is the kind of person who wears her heart on a sleeve and won’t pretend to like you when she doesn’t like you. Vandora said it, BamBam said it, even Cee C said it.

Rico was quick to answer yes when he was asked if he gossiped about BamBam in the house. Tobi, though, who Rico mentioned as one of the people he talked to about BamBam, said it was nothing malicious and he wouldn’t call it gossip.

Ifu Ennada said she felt the polygraph was programmed to make everything dramatic. Why? Because it said it was a lie when Ahneeka said she didn’t think BBNaija was a waste of time.

It was death to the “BamBam is fake” brigade when the polygraph agreed with BamBam that she indeed showed her true character in the house.

When Anto answered no the question that asked if she would have preferred Tobi if given the chance, the polygraph said she was speaking the truth.

We felt it when K Brule said himself and Anto would have been good together, and we felt it even more when he bathed Anto in compliments.

Anto said that although physically her spec is more Leo, character-wise it was definitely Lolu.

Probably everyone already knows by now that Bitto made up his imaginary friend to get screen time. Bitto admitted it, and the housemate kept on laughing as he tried to explain that the first impression they all had of him still lingers.

Another lie: When Alex said no to the question if she got over Leo so quickly because it was actually Tobi she liked.

Alex was visibly upset. She asked why Big Brother insisted on bringing up Leo, Tobi and Cee C whenever it had to do with, and she was trying to move on.

When it was Leo’s turn the polygraph also said: Lie. What was the question? If he was jealous of Alex and Tobi’s relationship. He explained that at the time what he felt was disrespect, not jealousy, but now he’s seen that it doesn’t matter.

Although Nina and Cee C didn’t take the polygraphs, they still got questions: Nina was asked if she regretted ruining her relationship with Collins, her boyfriend before the show. Her answer was a no. She said she knew the reality of things, and herself and Collins talked it out when she came out of the house.

Cee C was asked if she’d like a second chance with Tobi and her answer was no. Why no? She asked why she’d want a second chance with Tobi after all he put her through in house. She would never want a second chance with him, she said.

Both Tobi and Cee C said, though, that they were ready to end any bad blood and sit down and talk and become friends.

Five housemates—Khloe, Cee C, Lolu, Princess and DeeOne—were asked if they thought Miracle changed after the house, and if he played the best game. While all of them agreed he didn’t change outside the house, they were torn over if he played a good game or if he was only lucky. K Brule had something to say, though, and he revealed how Miracle was the one who came through for him despite not being one of the people who made promises to have his back while in the house.

Ebuka, at the end of the show, encouraged the housemates to end all bad blood. He said the show ended a year ago but a lot of the housemates are still in competition. He also asked that they evaluate their fans, and see how they don’t necessarily have their best interests at heart.

Big Brother also made an appearance. His voice, anyway. He paid all the housemates one by one compliments and toasted with them. Then it was goodbye and the show was over.

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