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Osi Suave & Ogbeni Dipo’s Twitter Banter turn into Powerful Points on Financial Planning



Over the weekend, Lagos OAP, Osi Suave got into a serious discussion with a career coach, Ogbeni Dipo on financial planning.

Known for his candid opinion, Osi declared that he is ready to let go of his weekly turn-up for something he believes will protect his dreams.

The conversation started when Ogbeni Dipo took to the streets of Twitter to advise Nigerians on how smart financial planning can lead them to the fulfillment of their goals. Citing himself as an example, he said that he would rather buy his children an insurance policy with Old Mutual than ice cream.

In the agreement, Osi joined the conversation saying that he would rather put his money into an insurance plan than spend on weekly turn up. This discussion must have been relatable, as many young Nigerians gave their thoughts on how an insurance savings plan can help them protect their dreams using the #ProtectYourDreams.


Popular personal finance expert, Tunji Andrews also added his voice.

The conversation came just in time, as Old Mutual has launched its enhanced 2 in 1 Savings Plan for customers in Nigeria, especially young professionals and families to realize their savings goals.

With a minimum monthly contribution of N5,000 customers can save up funds for a minimum of five years, to fund their future financial goals. The plan also gives the policyholder the opportunity to access a part of the savings, to meet immediate needs during the savings period, should the need arise, thereby providing financial security.

The time is now to protect your dreams. To find out more about this exciting plan, click HERE and a customer care rep from Old Mutual will get across to you.
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