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“They like to mimic everything” – Virunga Park Ranger Who Took Viral Gorilla Selfie



A few days ago, a selfie of a ranger at Virunga National Park in Eastern Congo with two gorillas went viral.

In a chat with The Associated Press, Mathieu Shamavu, describes how he captured the selfie.

He was checking his phone when he discovered the female orphaned gorillas, named Ndakazi and Ndeze were mimicking his movements.

He decided to take a photo with them.

The selfie shows the Ndakazi and Ndeze posing for the camera behind Mathieu.

Poachers killed all of Ndakazi and Ndeze’s families 12 years ago and were the first orphans to be cared for at Senkwekwe Mountain Gorilla Orphanage Centre, dedicated to the care of mountain gorillas.

“In terms of behaviour, they like to mimic everything that is happening (around them), everything we do,” Mathieu told The Associated Press.

Mathieu said the rangers live mearby so has to provide the orphaned gorillas with the constant care they need.

Head caretaker at the centre, Andre Bauma said: “Gorilla caretakers with those gorilla orphans, we are the same family. They know we are their mum. They are a member of the family. We are their friends.”

The Virunga Park management are hoping the selfie helps boost its profile and attract donations to keep it running.

Photo Credit: @twittosver

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