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Survivors of #AbujaPoliceRaidOnWomen are Sharing their Stories & They’re Both Sad & Embarrassing



It’s really sad, and embarrassing, what’s going on in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

Over the weekend, at least 100 women were arrested in or around nightclubs across the city, with police saying they were apprehended on the suspicion of prostitution.

Some of the victims have spoken out to activists on their ordeal, saying they have been sexually assaulted, some, with injuries in their vaginas.

Some say the officers used discarded sachet water plastics as protection to rape them.

Majority of them women were just hanging out with friends, others were probably going home or attending an event when they were picked up.

The police say Nigerian constitution is against prostitution, but what about the “client”? Why didn’t the officers pick up the men? For example, look at this insensitive and appalling tweet from a high-ranking police officer on the issue:

The country has even jailed 27 women, but nothing is being said about the assault by officers and the unlawful arrest.

The women are sharing their stories and it’s quite difficult to watch.

Photo Credit: @EVA_Nigeria

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  1. by_stander

    May 3, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    Where are the Lawyers now? (rent seeking i guess)

    And is the Nigerian Police Force saying there are no women on the force? why are these girls being handled by men?

    I would also like to believe that there is video and picture evidence of their act of prostitution or solicitation etc. for probable cause of their arrest.

    prostitution is crime, prostitutes dont pay tax etc…lol So what about the system deliberately put in place that causes these girls to go into prostitution?

    Or do you think they are sleeping with houseboys and drivers?

    Is it not the same benefiting rich rentseekers that come along to pay these girls for sex? and somebody is asking why the men where not arrested – if only you knew their profession.


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