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“Man of Her Dreams” is Returning for a 2nd Season – Check Out the Trailer




Imagine you’ve been dreaming of this guy (or girl) over and over, the two of you in a relationship, probably what Nigerian parents would call a spiritual husband (or wife). And then (s)he shows up one day at you doorstep and announces (s)he is your new tenant.

That’s how one of our favourite shows “Man of Her Dreams,” by Victor Sanchez Aghahowa, began its first season.

Now “Man of Her Dreams” is returning for a new season, starting Monday, June 17, and we. can’t. wait!

We know Kari and Ladi are no longer roommates, and Noah is now single after his fiancee left him, leaving him wide open for Kari’s taking. But what happens when a stranger is thrown into the mix?

Check out the trailer:

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