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BN Cuisine: Sisi Yemmie Shows Us How To Make Paprika Chicken Wings | WATCH



Sisi Yemmie shows us how to make yummy Paprika chicken wings in a new video on her YouTube channel


i) Paprika (to give the red colour)

ii) White pepper

iii) A mixture of garlic, onion and ginger powder

iv) One stock cube

v) Chicken wings


i) Mix the listed ingredients together

ii) Pat the chicken wings dry with a clean kitchen towel

iii)Add some salt and vegetable oil

iv) Mix the oil with the chicken wings properly

v) Add the spices and mix until the wings are well coated

vi)Transfer the chicken to a baking tray and leave in a preheated oven

vii) After baking for the first twenty minutes, flip it over and leave for another twenty minutes.

There you go!

Watch below:

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