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Mummy’s Yum: 10 Yummy Snacks to make for Your Kids This Christmas/New Year Season

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Christmas is just 2 days away and I’m sure everyone is busy shopping.

Kids sometimes don’t care much for the food cooked during Christmas and holidays as much as they do snacks. Keeping some handy makes all the difference and fun for them.

I’ve gathered for you 10 simple to make snacks that the kids can indulge on to make Christmas fun. Click on the pictures or name of snacks to get the recipes from myself and other Naija food bloggers.

1. Chin Chin

This is the number one Nigerian snack that is a must in every home and it also makes a beautiful gift. You can get the kids to join in cutting them too.

2. Puff Puff

This snack is so easy to make if you follow the recipe well. You’ll get the kids asking for more of this spongy and deep-fried snack.

3. Plantain Muffins

This sweet sugar-free muffins made out of ripe plantain only can satisfy the kids sweet-tooth cravings for a difference this Christmas.

4. Simple Sponge Cake

Normally, Christmas cake is filled with raisins and sultanas and all but you can do away with them by making this simple British Sponge. If you have the raisins and mixed fruits or nuts, feel free to add them too.

Sweet Chicken Wings

5. Chicken Wings

They are small and handy, so it makes it easy for the kids to pick and eat away. This yummy one is coated with honey and BBQ sauce/Ketchup for a sticky yummy experience.

6. Homemade Biscuit/Cookies

You don’t need any rocket science to make this simple one. Arm yourself with a cookie cutter and get baking.

Groundnut Balls

7. Groundnut Dough Balls

Chewy and filling balls that they can snag while running around to fill up their energy tank once more. Why not use cashew nuts in place of groundnut for a different taste.

8. Ripe Plantain Chips

This sweet and crunchy version of plantain chips will keep big and little mouths busy and away from you while you take a little snooze.


9. Chicken Nuggets

If you have a toddler, these nugget nibbles will be a winner snack for them as well as filling the tum.

Mummy's Yum Zobo Drink

10. Zobo Drink

A Zobo Christmas for the kids instead of too many fizzy drinks. Make this and chill for them to enjoy

You can try some or all of them and I hope you all enjoy a very merry Christmas holidays!


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