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Ladi Emeruwa and Sarunas Jackson Star in this New ‘Old Spice’ Ad Campaign!



Old Spice just released its new ad campaign, Never Let a Friend Lose His Swagger, and as usual its pretty hilarious. 

According to a statement from the brand the ad showcases ‘a male crisis sweeping the nation, and perhaps the world. Guys who once traveled as part of a “wolf pack” are now facing a “lone(ly) wolf” epidemic, where their important guy friendships are taking a backseat to lame excuses for not hanging out.

Old Spice is reintroducing one of their most popular collections, the Swagger scent lineup by shining a humorous light on this guy epidemic. By commissioning a national study featuring 1000 males in the US, Old Spice was able to take a look at the “Guy Trap” that stops guys from keeping strong friendships. 

And the best part is? It stars US actor  Sarunas Jackson (aka Dro from Insecure and Marques King in Games People Play) and our very own Ladi Emeruwa who is known for the title role of Hamlet in a ‘Globe to Globe’ production that took place over 2 years touring every country in the world and has featured in TV shows like Into the Badlands, Berlin Station and Humans .

Watch the hilarious video from the ad campaign below!

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