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Manslaughter Charge dropped Against Woman Who Lost her Baby after Getting Shot in the Stomach



Marshae Jones

27 year old Marshae Jones, who was indicted and taken into custody by a Jefferson County grand jury in Alabama on a manslaughter charge (read here if you missed it) has had all the charges dropped.

Marshae Jones, who had been involved in a fight with another woman, had been shot in her stomach, which led to the loss of her 5-month old unborn child.

While the shooter had walked away free, Marshae had been arrested and indicted on manslaughter, on the claims that she instigated the fight and “the foetus was dependent on its mother (Marshae Jones) to try to keep it from harm.”

Her arrest had sparked up a lot of reactions and stirred national outrage for a case people referred to as an unjust judgement and an attack on women (especially black women’s) bodies.

However, New York Times has reported that prosecutors in Alabama said that they were dropping a manslaughter charge against Marshae Jones.

District Attorney Lynneice Washington, who had signed the indictment had said in a brief news conference that she had weighed the evidence and decided to dismiss the case. This reversal was made after her office was flooded with angry calls and messages about the injustice of arresting a woman who was shot, while allowing the person who fired the weapon to walk free.

“I have determined that it is not in the best interest of justice to pursue prosecution of Ms. Jones on the manslaughter charge for which she was indicted by the grand jury, no further legal action will be taken against Ms. Jones in this matter.” Washington said.

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