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President Buhari commissions Tulsi Chanrai Foundation Hospital to provide Nigerians with Quality Eye Care Solutions



From Left to Right: Vivek Pohoomull, Subodh Chanrai, Dr Aravind Srinivasan, Perm sec health Abdullahi Mashi , Permanent Secretary FCT, President Muhammadu Buhari, Alhaji Ahmed Joda, Bharati Chanrai Jagdish Chanrai, Tina Pohoomull and Abhay Thakur – Indian High Commissioner

Eye-care in Nigeria is all set to take a quantum leap into the future with the commissioning of the Tulsi Chanrai Foundation Eye Hospital by Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on July 11th, 2019.

We at Tulsi Chanrai Foundation believe that eradicating curable blindness not only offers a person the gift of sight but more importantly, restores livelihood thereby immediately and favorably impacting economic output across the nation. It is estimated that a US $1 invested in eye-care produces multi-fold effect on economic output.

Located at Kukwaba, Abuja, this state-of-the-art eye hospital is the answer to a long felt need for excellence in eye health across Nigeria and West Africa. It will adopt modern techniques to prevent blindness and treat various eye conditions, through hospital-based and outreach activities.

Around 60% of its services will be provided free of charge to benefit the poor and marginalized communities, while the rest will be at a highly subsidized rate for those who can afford. The hospital is expected to be self-sustaining in about 4 years time. Run largely by a Nigerian team of 30 eye professionals who have recently undergone intensive training in India, the facility will be managed by the globally renowned Aravind Eye Care System of India, the largest provider of quality eye-care in the world.

The hospital commenced functioning in January 2019 and till date has provided quality eye services to over 6,400 outpatients and performed over 1000 eye surgeries, of which 850 have been free for the poor. When at full capacity, the state-of-the-art hospital will have the capability of performing around 15,000 surgeries per annum, with every effort to set the gold standard for eye-care across Africa.

TCF Eye Hospital also aims to be the premier ophthalmic training institute in Nigeria for both clinical and non-clinical personnel to help eye-care in Nigeria evolve as a self-sustaining and thriving model, steered by Nigerian talent. Beautifully landscaped and spread over five acres of land, Phase I of TCF Eye Hospital has a capacity of 54 beds. This will be expanded to 100 beds in Phase II. The centre initially offers services for cataract, pterygium, glaucoma and other conditions, and will soon enable care for other complex eye issues, for Nigeria and other nations of West Africa.

TCF Eye Hospital was established with the generous support of the Kewalram Chanrai Foundation, Worldwide Healthcare, Enpee Group, Fareast Mercantile Ltd – Nigeria, the HB Chanrai Group of Companies and other donors.

Tulsi Chanrai Foundation was launched by the Chanrai family nearly 2 decades ago. an intrinsic part of the family and Group philosophy of Caring identifies initiatives that focus on how one can use a substantial portion of what one has earned, for the benefit of society. TCF has touched over 7.5 million lives through projects across 32 states of Nigeria, through its programmes – Mission for Primary Health, Mission for Water and Mission for Vision. All programmes have been carried out in close collaboration and cooperation with Federal and State Governments, various agencies and the people of Nigeria.

The commissioning and dedication of TCF Eye Hospital was attended by senior Federal and State Government functionaries and members of the business community of Nigeria.

For further details about TCF Eye Hospital or Tulsi Chanrai Foundation and its various initiatives, please click on the link.

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