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Tacha forgives Mike & the Housemates take us Back to the Age of Innocence with Art Portraits on #BBNaija Day 25



Burying The Hatchet

Tacha develops a forgiving heart after all the energy the Pepper Dem gang poured into welcoming her and Seyi back into the House.

After the entertainment by the other Housemates, Tacha straightened things out between herself and Mike. For almost an hour, both Housemates took turns to explain how each one has misunderstood the other.

Heart To Heart

Having stayed in the Secret Room where she had watched and heard everything the Housemates said about her, Tacha felt that ironing out issues with Mike was the best way to go. Perhaps she wanted to have a peaceful homecoming or maybe she really thought about what Mike said about keeping it real with her.

In the garden, she poured her heart out to him about why she has been acting the way she has. She told him that if he expected her to behave like the others who were putting up a fake attitude as their winning strategy, she would not. She also did not fail to warn Mike about some Housemates acting nice and playing family reunion, that it was all a strategy. And when did Seyi become someone that Tacha, the PH daughter recommends vouching for her? It was a surprise that she told Mike to let Seyi tell him more about her. Biggie, would we be wrong to say that your Secret Room contains some power of reformation?

All Is Well

Mike, on the other hand, felt that Tacha had been judging him since their first day in Biggie’s House. Aside from her comment about his staying true to his marriage, he was also not pleased that she mistook him for a regular guy. He also said that the more he tried to understand her, the more difficult she became. But our cool guy appreciated that she came to him. He then apologized for his misconception about her. “I apologize for the misunderstanding, I hope you can appreciate my honesty,” he concluded.

Thanks to the Secret Room experience, the Tacha we see now seems to be different from the one we knew before the fake Eviction. From her rapport with Seyi and then the long conversation with Mike, the Port Harcourt first daughter now seem to get along with the others in the House. But for how long will she be able to keep to this? Let’s wait and see.

The Mood After The Return

Since Seyi and Tacha returned to Biggie’s House, the Housemates sixth senses’ have become heightened.

Reactions are still pouring in from the Housemates concerning the homecoming of the fake Evictees- Seyi and Tacha into the Big Brother Naija House.

Trouble Loading

The Housemates cannot stop talking about the grand entry of Seyi and Tacha into the Pepper Dem House.

This morning, Mercy, Khafi and Diane aired their thoughts on the matter while they were in the closet. Mercy didn’t mince her words as she said: “I sense trouble coming”. Khafi also reaffirmed that since they returned, they have been like robots in their display of emotions. Is the spice becoming hotter than they can handle?

Feeling Betrayed

While the ladies were airing their opinions, the men- Frodd and Ike– were also analyzing the atmosphere in the House since the two Housemates arrived.

Frodd revealed that he sensed Seyi felt betrayed by the other Housemates and he isn’t hiding it. He also talked about how he felt when Tacha complimented him last night at the table. In his words, “I felt Tacha was compelled to say those words to me especially as she is not known to be friendly”.

On the other hand, Ike was concerned about ‘old habits’ popping up. According to him, “I know what I want but the old habits want to come out.” He has once hinted about his ‘likeness’ for Tacha. Could it be what he was referring to?

Body Language Readers

People communicate more with their body language. This is why we might say something and our body language might refute what we said.

Gedoni and Mike had a conversation in the garden about the body signals they picked up from Seyi and Tacha. While Gedoni saw Seyi as nonchalant since he returned, Mike observed that he hasn’t smiled much. They also agreed that they might have flipped roles with Tacha becoming more cheerful and friendly. Gedoni also thought that their true selves are being revealed. Could this be a strategy by the ‘returnees’ to throw the House off balance?

The spicy twists and turns are about to begin. Guys, are you prepared?

A Win For The Pepper Dem School

In line with traveling back to the years of innocence, the Housemates had to take us back to school with their grand Task Presentation.

How well did they perform to successfully earn their weekly House allowance?

Let’s take a look at the proud students of the Pepper Dem High School:

The Natural Leader

The way he effortlessly led the Pepper Dem gang through a successful Task presentation was admirable. From his coordinated steps to the choice of words while addressing the Housemates, Sir Dee sure deserves this title. Well, he led them to their second Wager win. Well done, Sir Dee!

The Class Clown

He earned this crowned when he displayed his humour side during the portrait presentation – his gesticulations… oh and that painting of Tacha? Seyi definitely is the class clown. See for yourself:

Quiet As A Mouse

Asides his few words during the presentation of the art portraits, we barely remember having Gedoni as a student of the Pepper Dem School. Oh well, we know who would always be missing from the names of noisemakers list.

The One Who’s Involved In Everything

She was evidently involved in the Thursday Task presentation. As she thoroughly explained her painted portrait of Gedoni and her role as the host in their debate session, Khafi got her hands filled with every activity on the Task menu. Go Khafi!

The One That Never Comes Prepared

How else do we describe one who presents a stick image of his fellow Housemate? Frodd won a point for the award when he was seen looking for his portrait drawing when other Housemates were already seated at the Arena for the presentation. We reckon he hurriedly came up with this…

The Teachers’ Pet

We’re not sure if it’s the innocent face or how she smoothly breezed through the three stages of tonight’s presentation, but Jackye was able to wow her fellow Housemates as well as the audience with her presentation.

Most Likely To Succeed

It was no struggle putting Esther on this list as she was actively involved in the winning team for the debate session. Her portrait painting of Frodd could easily pass as a win too right?

The Most Creative

Undoubtedly, Nelson earned this award when his portrait drawing of Sir Dee was displayed during the presentation. Do you agree?

Prom Queen And King

Without trying so hard, the Icey pair won this award when they graciously walked on the stage to present their portraits of each other. While they playfully described each other’s attributes, Ike and Mercy did not fail to mention what they found attractive about each other. Oh did we mention the couple goals they dished out as they kept blushing and whispering to each other?

The Intimidating Cool Kid

Tacha graced the Arena with her makeup on fleek and her hair looking sleek. It was no surprise when Seyi described her as the feisty, beautiful kid in the Pepper Dem school. Here’s what we mean

The Good Prefect

With her perfectly tucked-in-shirt and her courteous steps during her debate session, Diane showed us why she would have made a great school prefect in high school.

The Socialite – Who raps through a debate session? Mike! It’s funny how he was the only Housemate that sang through the entire presentation as he brought out the fun in the Task. From the way he presented his portrait of Jackye to when he presented some back to school games, Mike kept us entertained.

The One Who Daydreams

Thelma received this title when she went on and on about her portrait of Diane. In her words, the painting was great and well-deserving of the muse. Really, Thelma?

The Sage – It was hard trying to find strands of white hair on Jeff’s head but without wasting much of our time, he showed us why his fellow Housemates refer to him as the wise one. We reckon you agree too.

The Pot Stirrer

It was no surprise seeing Omashola pace up and down the Arena while his Task Presentation went on. As he explained the reason behind his hilarious painting of Jeff, he didn’t fail to entertain us with his dramatic expressions.

To end a successful school session, Big Brother announced the Pepper Dem’s victory in their second Thursday Night Presentation.

It may seem as though the Housemates have been bitten by the winning forces as this is their second Wager win in a row. We reckon they did well this week without a Head of House. Could this be a winning factor for them this week? We’ll find out.

Dear Love Interest…

If you were asked to re-write the very first love letter you wrote to a love-interest, what would it look like?

Earlier this week, the Pepper Dem gang were Tasked to write a letter or poem to a love interest inside or outside the House.

Using their imagination and travelling back to the years of innocence, the Housemates had to write a romantic letter or poem to a love interest. Working in the pairs they formed this week, one Housemate in each pair had to write to a love interest in the House, while the other Housemate had to write to one outside the House.

It was definitely fun watching the Housemates struggle to reveal some of their addressed love interests to Big Brother. Let’s take you through their secret choices.

The ‘Surprising’ Names

More like the obvious names we heard – when Mercy revealed that her love letter was addressed to Ike or when Frodd said his love interest for the Task was Esther. Oh, we’ll leave you to guess who Khafi’s love letter was written to. Take your time…

The Suspicious Ones

Ike left us with our mouths wide open when he told Biggie that his letter was carved for a certain ‘Juliet’ who he says is his friend outside the House.

Gedoni equally left us guessing as he clearly said his love letter was addressed to his ex-girlfriend. We definitely can’t wait to hear the content of this letter but we would easily trade that for seeing the expression on Khafi’s face while he reads it.

Watch the other Housemates’ revelations

Roses are red, violets are blue, we can’t wait to see the Housemates’ reactions to their written love letters.

Source: Twitter – @Arobabe1, @StellaNneka5.

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