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Looking for Loan Plans with Flexible Repayment Structures? DBN has an Exciting Offer for You



The Development Bank of Nigeria offers loans that are specifically designed to support MSMEs.

Here are 5 things you should know about DBN loans:

  •  DBN doesn’t lend directly to the public. DBN loans are accessed only through participating financial institutions which include commercial banks, micro-finance banks and development finance institutions.
  • The DBN loan repayment plans are flexible. There’s a moratorium period of 18 months, after which you begin to repay the loan.
  • The loan can be repaid throughout a period of 10 years as approved by your financial institution. The pricing of the loan is pragmatic and referenced to market rates.
  • To get a loan, simply visit your bank and indicate that you would like to apply for a DBN loan. If your bank is eligible to access DBN loans, they will then appraise your business and if you are qualified, they will apply for the loan on your behalf. If your loan is granted, DBN will then disburse the funds through your bank to
  • There are currently 29 financial institutions that have access to this service.

To find out which commercial banks and Micro-finance banks are eligible, simply log on to the website


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