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Breakfast Just Got Tastier, Creamier & Healthier with the New Mamador Light Fat Spread



What did you have for breakfast? Bread and eggs, a stack of pancakes, a few slices of bread and a hot cup of tea? A very important fact is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A tasty nourishing breakfast not only gets your day to a beautiful start, but it also has a long list of health benefits. Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism, increases intelligence, gives you all the energy you need for the day and generally improves your long term health.

Breakfast is such an important meal so it has to be tasty and exciting every time you have it. To make your breakfast tastier, creamier and healthier, Mamador has launched a new product, the Mamador Light Fat Spread. This spread can be enjoyed with bread, throw in some eggs and vegetables and you have a soft and sumptuous sandwich. Are you a toast lover, layer the Light fat spread on your bread slices, add your eggs, make a crunchy toast bread with a moist juicy interior.

If you are about to confuse this new tasty spread with the Mamador classic spread, don’t. The classic spread is perfect to cook your favourite dishes and bake your favourite delicacies while the light fat spread being lighter and tastier, is perfect to spread on bread, crackers, pancakes and waffles to make your best breakfast meals more delicious.

The Mamador Light Fat Spread doesn’t just make your meal taste better, it also makes your meals healthier. Having no cholesterol and being TransFat free, it is your perfect breakfast partner, leaving your breakfast with not just a rich buttery taste but also 7 essential vitamins.

So if want your breakfasts tastier, healthier, juicier and more exciting, choose a Mamador breakfast with the Light fat spread. For more details on the Mamador Light Fat Spread visit To also stay updated on other Mamador products, connect with Mamador on Facebook and Instagram.

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