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The Housemates get Creative with their Hands & bring the Heat to the Oppo Runway Task on #BBNaija Day 39



Thread, Needles And Creativity

All hands are on deck as the Big Brother Naija Housemates get set for their first fashion show in the House.

The Pepper Dem gang have a Runway Task from OPPO mobile and they are making sure that all is in place to present a spectacular show.

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Time To Get Serious

Similar to the ‘Back to the 50s’ Task, the Housemates are back on the sewing machine but this time, they get to strut their designs on the runway. Since the brief was read by the Head of House, the teams have been stretching the boundaries of their creativity on this Task. From creating needlecrafts to adding extra frills on their outfits, the Housemates are letting the continent know that they can do more than sleep all day. To maintain the element of surprise, the different teams had to look for secluded spots in the House to work so that other teams won’t spy on their work. In this aspect, Seyi’s team had an advantage as they had the Head of House room to work and hide their designs. We hope they blow our minds with their designer outfits.

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On The Chilling Couch

Remember in school how during a group assignment some will work hard and others will relax? Well, the same thing played out in this Task and our eyes picked up on the active and inactive ones in each team. While some (EnkayVenita and Tacha) were breaking their backs to ensure the best result is achieved, other team members were laid back and waiting for the part that concerns them. Omashola was the chief of this lot.

In his Diary Session, Omashola told Biggie that sewing wasn’t his thing but he loves to model hence his minor role in his group. Next to Omashola on the chilling couch is Ike. Ike who knew nothing about sewing was, however, the mannequin in his group as Frodd kept draping fabrics on him. At least someone found a way to make him useful. Mike was also on this ship. In Mike’s case, he made himself useful by cooking for his team.

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Into the wee hours of the morning, the Housemates worked. Hopefully, their efforts pay off.

Fashion Excellence with Oppo Mobile

The Pepper Dem gang bring the heat to the Oppo Runway Task.

The Pepper Dem gang did what they knew how to do best – pepper at the Oppo Runway Task Presentation with their stunning outfits. The Oppo Runway Task Presentation required that Housemates create a coordinated Neon Gradient themed fashion line that reflected the 3D colour gradient of the Oppo F11 Pro Thunder Black and Aurora Green phones.

Owning The Stage

Watching the Housemates as they made their walk on the runway, you could tell they were used to the spotlight and they were going to get their shine on. In line with the theme, the Pepper Dem gang stepped on the runway showcasing a colourful display of stylish neon couture designs, with fancy accessories as they owned the stage.

Team Gedoni

Opening the fashion show, Gedoni’s team didn’t cower at being the first to step on the runway as they went ahead deliver a spectacular show like pros. Esther made the first walk in style and grace as she led the rest of the team which consisted of Omashola, Diane, Omashola and Joe behind the camera. Gedoni described their style as bold, daring and dangerous with an infusion of beautiful and colourful designs.

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Team Fresh and Odd

Although the preparation for this team was almost marred by altercations with Mercy and Frodd getting into it during rehearsals, the team rose from petty squabbles to putting up a mind-blowing fashion exhibition. Venita, described their outfits as colourful as they wanted to make a statement on the runway.

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Vice City

The team went for something sexy, playful and not the everyday outfit. group’s strong suit was probably the bare-chested Mike draped with a chain like jewellery over his shoulder. Each member of the team came dressed in unique outfits. Enkay explained that each outfit represents each Housemate.

1565299150 56 screenshot 2019 08 08 at 8.10.40 pm

The Icons

Tacha led this team with Seyi, Khafi and Sir Dee as group members. The idea behind their attires was a fusion of the old and the new. The team sought out to bring the best of both worlds in order to unleash a dazzling level of creativity. Their attires also had an obvious influence of an indigenous concept and they brought the heat the stage to show just that.

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The Pepper Dem gang put up a beautiful show akin to that of the House of Dior during a high fashion exhibition. Biggie also acknowledged this as he congratulated the Housemates at the end of the show.

Now that the show is done, we await the announcement of the winner this Sunday. Which team do you think will clinch victory and smile to the bank with a million Naira courtesy of Oppo Mobile?

Watch The Show of Fashion Excellence

Parenting and Partying

The Pepper Dem gang introduce their kids before they go off partying.

No one has the perfect blueprint on being a good parent, but when the Task presented itself, the Housemates had no choice but to embrace it.

Parental Duties.

After being charged with the responsibility of taking care of an egg-like it was their own child, the Pepper Dem gang were asked to introduce their respective eggs to complete one out of the two final challenges for the weekly Wager. The Pepper Dem gang made a show of parenthood and the joy of it as they took turns introducing their eggs to the rest of the Housemates. As they each introduced their eggs, we wonder if the Housemates were really proud parents or the fear of losing out on the challenge brought out their maternal and paternal instinct.

Remember Housemates have been divided into two groups and the success of each group member depends on how well each Housemate performs.

After Party with Oppo

What better way to end an amazing fashion show? Partying with the rest of the gang! The Pepper Dem gang showed off the moves we only get at the Saturday Night Parties at the Oppo Mobile after party. Dressed in their attire for the fashion show, the Housemates partied to the thrilling sounds sent in motion by DJ BeeJordan.

1565311265 56 screenshot 2019 08 08 at 10.35.42 pm

Settling Scores

In a pleasant twist, there wasn’t any after-party drama, instead, it was a lighthearted atmosphere that saw Seyi and Tacha resolving old issues. Both spent time airing their grievances and settling differences. Seyi and Tacha weren’t the only one mending fences, Frodd and Esther were also having a heart to heart. Frodd was intent on rekindling his romance with Esther. He took time to tell her the instances where she wronged him in a bid to make amends and possibly work on their relationship.

1565311323 56 screenshot 2019 08 09 at 1.18.13 am

Should we expect them to rekindle old flames? Whatever the case may be, we can’t wait to see things unfold.

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