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Unique Friendships, Post-loss Outbursts & Tears! Catch The Highlights on #BBNaija Day 54



Tears and Guilt

Following their Wager loss to The Icons, team Cruisetopia sealed the Wager announcement with tears and blames.

It was no surprise that both teams converged in their rooms to hold meetings on the outcome of this week’s Wager Task Presentation. With this, it’s safe to say that the Pepper Dem Gang live for meetings in Biggie’s House.

The Reactions

While The Icons celebrated their second major win in a row, team Cruisetopia elaborately took time to discuss the flaws of each team member. According to Seyi, they all performed below expectations and in so, ruined the presentation. On the contrary, the president of the cruise team said they didn’t need to be too hard on themselves because they did an amazing job. While this conversation went on, we couldn’t help but wonder if the team is suffering from the effect of having two leaders. More so, contrasting leaders like Seyi and Mike.

Ike did not escape Mercy’s outburst as she pushed him away when he tried talking to her after the announcement. “Give me space, I need to breathe,” she said to him.

1566535550 34 yell

The Blames

From blaming Jackye for throwing their ideas to the wind and getting a collective blame session from Seyi, team Cruisetopia spent the night apportioning blames to one another. In her defence, Jackye apologised to the team for not keeping to time while presenting. She further went ahead to assure her team members that she did not look down on any of their ideas and in fact, inputted all ideas in her presentation for the Challenge on healthy relationships. However, time did not permit her to read the ideas out.

For obvious reasons, her excuse wasn’t met with the best reactions as Diane and Mercy were found telling Ike about Jackye’s ideas discrimination and how it cost them their Wager win. In Mercy’s words, “I don’t know why some people feel better than others when it comes to ideas generation in the group; I’m so upset.” To calm her down, Ike told her that her yoga pose presentation with Diane was the best display from their group. Talk about relationship goals!

1566535627 34 bl

Tears From The Iron Lady

Yes, you read that right. The resident iron lady shed some tears for the second time in the Pepper Dem House. Remember when she cried after Nelson’s exit? Well, we saw some more tears after the Wager loss announcement for team Cruisetopia. After scolding her team for not sticking together and expressing her hurt from the team’s loss, we saw the Head of House go into her royal chambers to let out the waterworks.

We’re not sure if it’s her team’s loss or the fact that Biggie promised them a losing punishment reward but Esther’s weeping went on for a very long time. Not even Frodd could stop those tears. “Can you stop crying, it’s getting really annoying,” Diane said after long minutes of trying to console her friend.

As Diane dished out reassuring words and Frodd tried consoling her with some sweet messages, the birthday girl just didn’t give in. In fact, she shut the door behind them and asked for some privacy.

1566535672 34 crr

Thankfully, Biggie sent some birthday treats which helped lighten the mood in the House after the awkward loss from team Cruisetopia.

1566535728 34 tre

Seeing that team Cruisetopia’s third loss in a row is causing an imbalance in the group, will this affect their work towards a future win?

Housemates, Get Busy!

For lazying about the House, Biggie asked the Housemates to freeze and rewarded them with a heap of dirt.

Biggie will have no more of the sleeping and idleness in the House, so he gave the Pepper Dem Gang some work to do. Guess what that was? A scattered and littered House. Housemates, it’s time to get busy.

Housemates, freeze!

Earlier this morning, after the Housemates had returned into the lounge from their workout, Esther complained about the unwashed plates and cups in the Kitchen. Little did she know what Biggie had in store for them.

A few minutes later, Biggie ordered, “Housemates, freeze!”

Ninjas And The Dirt

Caught in different awkward positions, the Housemates froze. If we were to ask them what they were feeling at the moment, we were sure to get a response of discomfort. But what can they do, when Biggie speaks, who dares say no?

Omashola must be reeling with anger at the announcement of the freeze. If you see his position, you would pity him. He had his piece of bread on his right hand, sadly he had just taken the first bite when the announcement came. Sorry o, Warri guy. Even Omashola’s case was a play compared to Tacha’s posture. She was seen, bent down with her butt upward, probably wanted to pick something from the floor before the freeze order came. She later relieved herself of the “posture” though, freeze or not. But at least Mike was lucky, the order met him on the bed lying down or could he have changed his posture too? Well, Biggie sees it all.

1566561121 34 screenshot 2019 08 23 at 9.53.45 am

If it was all about the freeze, it would have been alright. But the moment the Housemates saw the Ninjas walk into the House with two black nylon bags, the Housemates knew they were in for a long thing today! Nowhere in the House did the Ninjas not scatter, littering the floors with dirt from the bags.

By the time the Ninjas had left and Biggie had asked them to unfreeze, it dawned on them how much cleaning they needed to do. But of course, Cruisetopia and Tacha, for disobeying the freeze order, bore the brunt. Hopefully, no one will disobey the order next time.

1566562725 34 screenshot 2019 08 23 at 10.00.37 am

Still On The Veto Power Matter

It seems the Housemates are not ready to forget Elozonam’s Veto Power decision in a hurry. In the garden, Omashola, Elozonam and Tacha were seen having a conversation around it. About the matter, Omashola felt that he could do whatever he wanted to and not fear any criticism from anybody. “This is who I am, I can’t change it,” he said. On his own part, Elozonam said that he had no regret about not saving Diane and couldn’t understand the fuss around it. As expected, Tacha’s remark was a bit dramatic, “If Elo saves this girl, I will carry water and pour it on you.” In short, the three of them agreed that saving a person who had only been in the House for a week was a right decision, that those making a mountain out the issue were only being hypocritical.

1566561743 34 screenshot 2019 08 23 at 12.59.17 pm

Well, we hope the Housemates have learnt their lesson from this punishment. But when the freeze moment comes again, will they still allow themselves to be caught unaware?

Watch the video here.

We’ve been looking at the relationship goals in the House and we found Seyi and Tacha’s uniquely amusing.

Of all the relationships in Biggie’s House, the one between Seyi and Tacha will not fail to amaze us. What is even more surprising is that nobody expected the two to bond. Thanks to the fake Eviction, this friendship would have been nonexistent.

The Secret Roommate

Prior to their fake Eviction, we really did not see moments of Seyi and Tacha together. In short, the idea of a bond between the two was nearly inconceivable. Tacha was a no-nonsense lady on whose toes even Seyi dared not step. But to our surprise, their living alone together in the secret room revealed an entirely different side to the two. It was as if they had nurtured secretly being together before. With just a few days in the room, these two have been serving us a friendship goal like no other. Like a destined couple, their grand homecoming reception is still fresh on our minds.

1566589642 34 screenshot 2019 08 23 at 8.41.59 pm

A Strong Alliance

Since returning from the Secret Room, Seyi and Tacha have been on the lips of the other Housemates. if they were not talking about their changed attitudes, they wondered what the two were up to. Even as this happened, both remained undeterred with their friendship goals.

When we also looked at Tacha’s Diary sessions, we realised she has always picked Seyi when asked who she will like to save if she had the power. Not to forget the moment she also listed Seyi in her top four finalists list.

Before you begin to talk of how Seyi has been unfair by refusing to reciprocate this gesture, take a moment to look at the many times he has also stood for her when other Housemates were talking against her. Mike and Tacha’s fight over cheers the other day easily came to mind here. In Tacha’s absence, Seyi confronted Mike about not respecting her opinion. Talk about friendship goals.

1566589703 34 screenshot 2019 08 23 at 8.38.33 pm

A Defender

It can be nice having someone to defend you in your absence. This has happened with Seyi and Tacha. Remember Ike’s “Fuck the ice cream my nigga” saga with Seyi. Yes, Tacha was right there pushing her friend to calm down. Even when Frodd started reacting to Seyi’s outburst, she stepped in and stood for him. She told Frodd to rather confront him than talk behind his back. How is this significant? Well, we found out she never kept quiet about any issue concerning the resident Sugar Daddy. Interesting, isn’t it?

Like the other Housemates, Seyi and Tacha have been serving us friendship goals that are not only unique but are also beautiful. And the beauty lies in those special moments both have sat together alone, having interesting discussions about their individuality. Well, as the days roll by, we hope they serve us more.

Elozonam Is A Farmer’s Delight

Pepper Dem Housemate Elozonam has emerged the winner of the Friday Night Arena Games.

Elozonam has won the Bet9ja Arena Game. He completed the six-course challenge in one minute 55 seconds to cart away 400 Bet9ja Coins. Omashola came in second place and he was rewarded with 200 Bet9ja.

On The Farm

The Housemates faced six challenges on the farm. They started with milk delivery, where they fetched milk, poured it into two bottles and delivered it on the welcome mat. Next was egg supply. Here, they were to move 12 eggs from the chicken nest using a single hand. How tricky. After they complete that course, they juiced an already sliced orange into a jar. When they accomplished this challenge, they climbed a ladder and from there, the farmer’s delight where the Housemates harvest cassava using their hands. The final challenge on the farm was noosing the goat.

All the members of the Pepper Dem gang finished the six courses except Tacha who found it difficult to throw the noose at the goat. It seemed like the goat was not in a hurry to get roasted. To Tacha, we say better luck next time.

1566604558 34 farm

Not Allowed

Before the Games, Big Brother addressed a few Housekeeping rules with his tenants. According to Biggie, there are three things that will no longer be tolerated in the Big Brother Naija House.

First is the nonchalant attitude displayed by the Housemates when called upon by Biggie. While on this topic, the Housemates were to take Diary sessions confessions sacred and they were not to wear bathroom robes or come shirtless (as in Mike’s case) into the Diary Room.

Second is their lack of preparedness and readiness for Task. They are to maintain discipline at all times in the Arena and that includes no bringing of food or drinks into the Arena.

The third item on the list was having discussions in a whisper. Henceforth, Biggie has ruled out having conversations in whispers in the House. If they must gossip, they should find a secluded place and gossip away. If the Housemates are caught flouting these rules (which is the norm) they will be punished or… worse. Big Brother has spoken; we hope the Housemates’s ears were open to receive warnings.

1566604591 34 hm

More Rewards

It was not just Elozonam and Omashola that smiled to the bank with Bet9ja Coins, Team Cruisetopia also received 20 Bet9ja Coins for teammates speed in the Arena. In a way, this reward seems like a consolation as they lost this week’s Wager.

1566604677 34 omas

Congratulations to all the Housemates who won at the Arena tonight. We hope the winning streaks continue.

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