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Bovi’s Comedy Skit stopped a Depressed Fan from Attempting Suicide



Truth be told, laughter is the best medicine.

Bovi’s comedy skit helped a depressed fan from attempting suicide.

He shared the private message sent to him by his fan, who revealed one of his comedy skit, “Back to School” saved her life from untimely death.

Click here incase you need to watch

He shared the message on his Instagram page with caption,

I get mails like this all the time. I remember vividly my prayer to God when I started stand-up comedy professionally; “dear God, I don’t just want to make people laugh. I want to make them happy”.

Mental health issues are real. Let’s not think people are bluffing all the time. Even people who threaten to take their lives but don’t also need help. Lastly, happiness is a choice. Let’s always remember that.

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