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Davido’s Introduction, Beyoncé’s Birthday & Xenophobia in South Africa | Here’s What Went Down this Week



Surely you’re aware of the most pressing issue this week. It literally went from social media to the streets, from a gentle single protest to the destruction of properties. Let’s get right into it.

Xenophobia in South Africa

Xenophobia has always been an issue with South Africa. It’s a country that’s always been uneasy when it comes to hosting its African sisters. How then did this become the last straw. Well, we’re unsure.

It’s even difficult to pinpoint the genesis of this episode. Some say it was after Nigerian drug dealers killed a driver. But it has been reported that the drug drivers were actually not Nigerians. Still, a riot had ensued, and foreign-owned shops were looted and burned. Then foreigners (black Africans, actually) were attacked and reportedly killed.

Malawi, Botswana, Zambia—they all took swift action, boycotting events and football matches. The Nigerian president, though, said he has met with the South African president in August, and would be meeting him again in October. What did it matter that people were dying in September? They could wait.

After some criticism, an envoy was sent. Because Nigerian politicians are known for their power to convince. We even heard the Nigerian embassy in South Africa shut its doors to Nigerians seeking shelter. After some more criticism, ambassadors were recalled and events were pulled out of. The South African president finally got out of bed to make a speech. But that was not the end.

Nigerians took to the streets. It started with one woman quietly protesting at the Surulere Shoprite, a franchise known to be owned by a South African company. Then we heard news of people rioting at Shoprite in Lekki. Then we saw videos of them accosting SUVs, shattering windows and windshields. Then entire malls in Surulere and Sangotedo were looted, not minding if they were owned by South Africans or Nigerians. Nigerians, protesting the looting and destruction of Nigerian properties in South Africa, looted and destroyed the Nigerian properties in Nigeria.

Nigerian Celebrities Vs. AKA

AKA should have just apologised after Ycee called him out. But no, he had to show himself. Soon the battalion attacked. There was Skales, who should have known better than to resort to insults, being a regular receiver in the first place. Then Burna Boy came and shut it down. MI tried his best to be an interlocutor, but Burna wasn’t having it. Then King Wizkid came and shut it all down.

First of All, Introduction

Our faves are making it official!

Davido and Chioma are getting married, but, first of all, the introduction.

The two families met              Relationships See More Photos from Davido & Chioma’s Introduction Ceremony More photos have emerged from the introduction ceremony of singer, Davido Adeleke and Chioma Rowland. The couple set the internet agog earlier today, when they posted…    , and Davido has told us to get our trade ready for the main event. We’re ready!

Beyoncé’s Birthday

It was the queen’s birthday this past week, so maybe it makes sense then that there was so much commotion in the world. The world can’t possibly be the same, can’t it?

Bauchi’s New Wife

This one boggles the mind. The executive council of the Bauchi State government went and formed a guard of honour for the new wife (from Lebanon) of the State Governor.

Yankari deaths

It’s a wonder that this flew under the radar of everyone. But this one is serious, and must be taken seriously.

The gist is that a couple of students visited the Yankari Game Reserve, and since then have been falling sick and, unfortunately, dying.

It’s unsure what exactly has happened, but people have been warned not to visit Yankari for the time being.

Nicki Minaj Retires

This one, we don’t even understand. Nicki Minaj just upped and said she’s retiring from rapping, and wants to focus on raising a family.

Of course, it is no surprise that humans are doing what they don when they fail to understand something: malign it.

Robert Mugabe Dies

Do you think the leaders who desperately clutch to power will ever learn that life is finite, that everyone dies. Do you?

And that’s it for this week! Here’s hoping next week brings better news. Have a great weekend!

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