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Khafi gets Evicted from Biggie’s House on #BBNaija Day 77



A Caribbean Vibe

From the dance floor back to the House, the vibe never stops with the Pepper Dem Housemates.

They might not have been to the tropical Island, but the Pepper Dem Gang surely brought the Caribbean vibes to the Saturday Night Party. Dressed by Hype and Steam with DJ Sparrow on the turntables, tonight’s party was one for the books.

The Party Rockers

As usual, the Saturday Night Party had everything we’ve known and come to love about it. From the mirror crew (Cindy, Mercy, Diane, Elozonam and Khafi), to the guys by the bar (all the Pepper Dem guys), couple in the corner (Diane and Elozonam), the hyped (Khafi and Tacha) and the glorious twerkers (Cindy and Mercy), it was nothing but a vibe.

Time For Strategy

With Ike and Mercy, there is never a dull moment. Though Ike was interested in having some extracurricular activities with his babe, Mercy set him straight and told him it was time to discuss Strategy. The main topic on the agenda was Frodd asking Diane for Bet9ja Coins. Apparently, Frodd gave Diane meat to soften her up so she can surrender some of her Coins to him but this didn’t work as Diane ended up revealing the ploy to Mercy. This was not the first time Frodd has done this as he also asked Cindy for Coins to buy Immunity. Slow tiger is taking the hustle seriously.

“I’ll Give You All My Coins,” Mike

Without an atom of doubt, there’s truly no Ike without Mike and this conversation between them tells it all.

More Than A Scheme

With eleven Housemates left in the House and the game getting tighter, the Pepper Dem Gang have unleashed their scheming and strategic skills. All week, we had Frodd trying to buy his way into acquiring Bet9ja Coins from his fellow Housemates in order to possess the purchasing power for Immunity.

This morning, Ike and Mike woke up to this same subject on the lips and even though it was a strategic conversation, we couldn’t help but notice the bromance bond between these two. Hopefully, their tie goes beyond the House, perhaps?

1568548105 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 12.00.06 pm

The Currency Confession

When asked about the amount he had in his Coins stash, Ike revealed to Mike that Mercy has all his Coins to which an overly protective Mike told Ike to get his Coins back. “Don’t be stupid, ask her for all your Coins,” Mike sternly told Ike.

On this note, Ike went ahead to tell Mike that he used to keep their Coins in the same purse but after a fight, Mercy usually takes all her Coins back. However, in recent times, she holds the purse to the collective Coins stack.

1568548294 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 12.00.57 pm

Dough Plot

In their conversation this morning, Mike revealed to Ike that he has an agreement with Seyi regarding the allotment of Bet9ja Coins. “If he leaves, I get all his Coins and if I leave after, you get all the Coins,” he plainly told Mike. In other news, with Seyi and Mike being up for possible Eviction today, they’ve decided to increase their friend’s survival chances to the final in the Pepper Dem House.

For some reason, Mike seemed to be enveloped with Eviction anxiety this morning as he went ahead to tell Ike that he had this week to fight for Veto Power, which will leave him with a week for his to buy whatever he deems fit with the Coins.

“I was going to share it between you and Seyi anyway but it would make more sense if one of us is guaranteed survival till the final,” Mike added.

They both attested to the fact that this week will feature a lot of Immunity purchase from the Bet9ja goodie pack, seeing that a lot of the Housemates have been quietly stashing their Coins for this purpose. In addition, Ike said Biggie might surprise them and take away the Immunity from the list, but they discarded the thought straightaway.

To wrap up their conversation, Ike assured Mike that he was not going to be Evicted. “When you survive this week,” we’ll stay till the finals.

1568548171 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 12.45.25 pm

Glam Time

It’s that time of the week where the Pepper Dem Gang get their beauty pampering session, courtesy of Darling Nigeria and Mega Growth Nigeria.

1568548576 34 video to gif 82

We’re not sure if it’s the Eviction butterflies or the fact that Mike really considers Ike his brother but we can’t seem to get over the loyalty they share. Don’t you agree?

Who Goes, Who Stays?

The Pepper Dem Housemates made some Diary Room confessions to Biggie. Who should be Evicted?

After unpacking the events of the week and disclosing their team wins in the challenges they faced, the Housemates revealed to Biggie who they’d rather bid farewell.

Three Weeks To Go

With beaming faces, the eleven Housemates expressed their joy and gratitude for making it this far in the Pepper Dem race.

“I never expected to be in the House in week twelve and I’m so excited” seemed to be the order of the day as each of the Housemates chorused this answer to Biggie’s question. Except for Tacha, who admitted that she isn’t surprised that she’s still in the House. No surprise there as the Port Harcourt first daughter has always told whoever cared to listen that she’s going to remain in the game till day ninety-nine.

1568566329 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 3.47.51 pm

Shop Away

Biggie asked the Housemates if they would ever shop from the Bet9ja cart or if they would rather have the shopping cart removed.

What we found interesting were the different items the Pepper Dem Gang are saving the Coins for. Although, while most of them had plans to either treat themselves to spa sessions, Mike told Big Brother that he’s too broke to avoid any item on the shopping list.

While Seyi, Elozonam have decided to buy spa sessions when they have gathered enough Bet9ja coins, Mercy and Omashola are bent on using their hard-earned (and stolen) Coins to buy the Immunity privilege for a week.

What we found cute was when Mercy revealed to Biggie that she would like to buy the Immunity as a birthday treat to herself and she asked Biggie not to wheel the cart away. To achieve this, she plans on escaping Eviction this week by fighting hard in the Veto Power and Head of House battles. Good luck, Lambo!

While others revealed their plans to buy the Immunity privilege on the shopping cart, Cindy did not mince her words when she told Biggie to remove the item from the list. To her, it seemed unfair to give people the power to do so. Do you agree with her?

1568567236 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 5.23.45 pm

Eviction Confessions

“Khafi should go,” Elozonam admitted to Biggie when asked who he is hoping to see leave the House. To Omashola, he hopes Seyi escapes Eviction tonight because of the guilt of putting him up this week.

With four Housemates facing Eviction, “It’ll be a loss to see any of the lineups leave this week,” Mike says. For him, he’s excited to leave and prepared to stay, regardless of the outcome tonight.

While some of the Housemates were being direct and specific in their answers, Diane hopes the strong competition gets Evicted from the House.

“I want Tacha, Mike and Seyi to stay, in fact, everyone up for Eviction,” Mercy told Biggie and we couldn’t help but wonder where her competitive spirit went to.  After explaining her long week to Biggie, “It would be really nice to cancel Eviction this week,” Khafi subtly pleaded. To which Big Brother replied, “Nice try!” Better luck next time with the pleads, Khafi, maybe when Biggie is in a more generous mood, perhaps?

Speaking of pleads, Ike asked Biggie to keep the shopping cart for one more week to enable him to buy the Immunity privilege for a week. The fear of Eviction, you may say. “I’d like Mike and Tacha to remain in the House after this week’s Eviction,” he added.

1568566444 34 video to gif 84

With the game getting tighter, it wasn’t surprising seeing the Pepper Dem Gang express their true feelings on who they’d rather not spend their morning workout sessions with in the last weeks of the game.

Live Eviction: Khafi’s Exit From Biggie’s House

Another Eviction Sunday in the Pepper Dem House unveils great moments on the Big Brother Naija stage.

Ebuka With The Flavour

Came through drippin’, as he walked on the stage, Ebuka looked elegant in his full agbada, serving us sucre papi goals. Dressed by Deco, his outfit could not go unnoticed, but we were not alone in this. The loud cheering from the crowd was an indication of our admiration.

Thank you, Ebuka, we will always be grateful for adorning our screens with beautiful outfits that make us drool every Sunday.

1568606681 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 7.03.07 pm

Nowo Soke With CDQ

Putting up an electrifying performance tonight, was CDQ. His banging hit songs ‘Say Baba’ and ‘Nowo Soke’ threw us in the dancing mood. With CDQ doing his thing on the Big Brother Pepper Dem Dem stage, the stage was fiery and the audience couldn’t stop getting their groove on.

Thank you CDQ, we are grateful for the heat you brought to our stage tonight. It’s an act worth remembering for long.

1568606711 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 7.04.43 pm

Table Shaking Season

As the president of the table shakers association, Ebuka let all the pepper loose in the House tonight. His chat with the Pepper Dem Housemates came with so much spice that left us chanting,” Yes! this is what we signed for”.

Ebuka’s chat with the Housemates had Khafi explaining the two sides to her personality in the House – the Khafi we had before Gedoni’s Eviction and the post Eviction Khafi. Did Gedoni’s Eviction birth a new Khafi in the House and why did she suddenly start celebrating wins in the House? She answered Ebuka’s question by saying that although she loves Gedoni, she’d rather have the new Khafi in the House.

As the wrecking ball landed in Ike’s court, he boldly told Ebuka that he’s waiting for his blessing and without wasting any time, he would blow his Bet9ja money (but he didn’t reveal what he’ll be spending the money on). According to him, no Evicted Housemate wills out Coins to him, so he’s left with no choice but to work for his money.

The resident party planner was not left out as she told Ebuka the origin of her splish-splash party on Friday and joked about Ebuka not honouring her invitation. From the satisfied look on her face, she was elated that her fellow Housemates came through for her, “well asides Tacha and Mike who refused to go into the Jacuzzi,” she added.

1568606746 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 7.20.03 pm

Interestingly Omashola also told us the reason behind his dramatic Save and Replace decision. According to him, his eenie meenie miny mo game would have landed on Ike and seeing that Ike once Saved him from Eviction, he didn’t think twice before returning the favour.

When asked who she would rather be in a team with, Elozonam told Ebuka – Ike, Venita, Enkay, Seyi would be his first choices. “Having a good time and going with the best idea is my winning secret in every team I find myself in,” he further revealed.

Khafi’s Last Steps

“Khafi, you’ve been Evicted from the Big Brother House.”

Unlike most Eviction announcements in the House, Khafi’s response to her exit from the House was filled with gratitude and warm hugs from her fellow Housemates. As expected, she walked out of the House with smiles.

A cup of Khafi graced the stage and was welcomed by Ebuka to give her parting words to the journey. Here, she told Ebuka that her best moment in the House was winning her first car in the Innoson challenge. Also on the stage, she did not hide her shock as this week’s Nominations were revealed to her – “Ike Nominated me?” she continuously asked. After which she brushed off the thought by saying she now understood why Ike doesn’t usually receive Coins from the Evicted Housemates.

Of course, she did not hide her love for Gedoni in the House as she told Ebuka that she hopes the feeling is mutual. We hope so too Khafi! In addition, she said she found Omashola really cool and even if she was aware of his feelings for her, she referred to him as her ‘gee’.

1568606891 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 8.12.51 pm

On her plans outside the House, asides her intention to move to Lagos, Khafi disclosed how she intends going into acting, presenting and most importantly, putting Nigeria on the map through tourism. We’re looking forward to your amazing content, girl.

Watch her Pepper Dem journey here

With ten more Housemates left till the end of the Season, Ebuka dished his anticipated parting words to the Pepper Dem Gang, “Quit making excuses and all the best,” he said. Mixed emotions are flying in the air and we can’t wait to see what befalls the remaining Housemates, especially with the Ultimate VPH twist coming up.

All Sins Forgiven

In the Big Brother House, anything can happen, and tonight’s Ultimate Veto Power Game beat our expectations.

We all know how the Pepper Dem Gang are always eager to win the Veto Power. During Nominations, the holder gets the power to Save and Replace any Nominated Housemate. But tonight, Biggie came through with yet another twist and what we now have is the Ultimate Veto Power. And yes, one more thing – all strikes have now been forgiven.

The Ultimate

Being the last Veto Power Game of Chance that will happen this Season, whoever wins it must prove his worth. Little wonder, it takes 60 pictures for a whole week before the winner of the Ultimate VPH will emerge. Talk about the Game just getting heated.

Unlocking The Red Box

Every day till next week Sunday, each Housemate will pick a picture of an object that must match the one in the red box. This means for a week, each Housemate will have picked 6 pictures. In the end, whoever comes with the one picture that matches the content of the red box wins the final Veto Power for the Pepper Dem Season. Little wonder, it’s called the Ultimate VPH.

1568607226 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 10.12.18 pm

Another interesting thing is that whosoever wishes to swap his pictures can do so. But hey, we are not sure the Housemates will want to follow this path as the Game is now getting intense. We know this is not the best time for the Housemates to act careless, but if anything happens to the red box, they should be ready to bear the brunt.

The First Attempt

When they have picked their number cards from the magic hat, each Housemate proceeded to pick the pictures of their choice. Remember this will continue for the whole week until a picture that matches the exact duplicate in the red box is picked. We can’t wait to know which Housemate will wield the Ultimate VPH for the last time.

1568607407 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 10.21.19 pm

All Forgiven!

Imagine a House in which everything is back to square one, where no Housemate fears to strike back if anyone disturbs their peace. Yes, it’s no longer an imagination. Tonight, Biggie was so magnanimous that he stripped the Housemates of all strikes and warnings. You can imagine the way Tacha jumped for joy. Even Ike and Mercy could not hide their feelings as the news hit them like a splash of water on a humid day. Omashola was all smiles and dumbfounded. He just could not believe his ears. Hmm, with this waiver, this week will be long o!

1568607450 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 10.35.42 pm

Now that the Veto Power Game has changed and all sins are forgiven, we wonder how this will affect the dynamics of the Game. Will Tacha, Ike, Omashola, and Mercy remain calm or will their fire keep on raging?

Source: Twitter – @its__MIDE, @Oyixhe01, @mr_salmanbash, @ifylish.

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