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Are you a Skincare Enthusiast or Beauty Influencer? Register for the L’Avyanna Distribution Scheme & Earn Extra Cash



Are you a skincare enthusiast or beauty influencer? Do you love recommending products that work for people?

Well, here’s your chance to do what you love and make money while at it.

Monetize your passion and become L’Avyanna Skin Distributor. L’avyanna is offering you the chance to join their international network and earn added income, juicy rewards, and amazing package deals. L’Avyanna offers 4 different stockist packages tailored to suit any individual or business.

You get:

  • Discounted rates between 15% -30%, depending on your desired package
  • Product commissions on purchases after 3 consecutive months as a
  • Marketing Support for your business across L‘Avyanna Platforms.

To become a freelance distributor is as simple as 123!

Send an email to [email protected] to register with“FREELANCE DISTRIBUTOR” as the subject of the email. Follow the instructions, start selling the “magic every woman needs”.

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1 Comment

  1. Lilian O

    May 27, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    Hi, I’m Lilian, I came across the Lavyanna products from my Aunty. I must confess, your products are wonderfur and amazing because I saw the glow it gave to my face without changing my color.I saw this free Lance stuff on your website, please what is it all about and how can I benefit from it?. I really want to get your products especially the bridal pack, that was actually supposed to be for my aunty’s youngest sister, she bought them for her to use for her wedding and somehow they ended up with me (was very grateful it did) . I don’t have them anymore, they got finished and I don’t have the money to get them for myself, I’m a student and with the lock down stuff all over the place, I just can’t afford them, plz how do I benefit from the free Lance stuff so that I can save some money to get the products that I want?. Thank you so much in anticipation of your reply

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