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Jackie Aina Glows as She Features in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Latest Issue



Nigerian-American beauty influencer Jackie Aina joined Cosmopolitan Magazine for an interview to talk about stepping out of the “Good Immigrant Daughter” narrative, growing in and dominating the beauty industry and being a beauty icon that young, black people can watch and feel seen.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

About her loyal followers, she says, 

I definitely feel like there’s a small community of my viewers who genuinely care about my wellbeing. It’s not all 3.5 million. But I definitely feel like if I say y’all like, I need a break, they won’t even question it.

About people’s reaction to her authenticity, she says,

I feel like it’s only with Black women, that when we start leveling up and doing nice things for ourselves that people have a problem with it.

About what’s next for her, she says,

I truly want to create more opportunities for people who come where I come from.For people who look like me.

Click here to read the full interview.

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