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“Nigerians are Nigeria’s Problem” – Ruggedman



Veteran rapper, Ruggedman shared his opinion on the ongoing situation in Nigeria and how Nigerians are putting so much energy into the Big Brother Naija show.

He shared the post on his Instagram page. He wrote

Dear Nigerians, Coming from hosting (without one corporate sponsor) a very successful #TheFoundationConcert that celebrated great Nigerians, I thought to say a few words to you.
Have you seen any youth calling out celebrities for not supporting BBN house mates? No.

They gathered themselves and are doing a great job on their own.
They raised money amongst themselves to print tshirts, even going as far as holding campaign rallies and parties.

But when it comes to a political or police brutality issue that affects their lives personally, they will act weak and instead spend this same energy bashing celebrities for not speaking up. These are the same people who do not need any assistance to support bbn housemates with everything they have got.
So who is fooling who?


I have nothing against the choices you make.
You can choose to celebrate negativity or positivity.
But just know that you can do these same things to help the lives of all Nigerians and not just BBN housemates.
Bbn is a private business that’s enriching some people.
Nigeria is our country that can enrich or atleast make life good for us all.
Choose your fight wisely.

God bless Nigeria.

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  1. by_stander

    September 30, 2019 at 8:59 am

    What Ruggedman doesnt understand is that the Nigerians that are Nigeria’s problem are mostly Lawyers and Accountants.

    For Nigeria to progress they (the Lawyers and Accountants) have to admit that their professions are outdated and seek out a real source of honest livelihood, in other words they need to use their brains to actually create value, as oppose to setting up a grand rent-seeking scheme to impoverish and stagnate an entire nation for personal and direct financial gain.

    all while they lie, deceive and distract the gullibles.

    The honest truth is you can not blame the youths, some of whom have no idea what type of game is being played by people in these professions against their interest.

    Even some adults cant see or understand how systemic and institutionalized it is. most people do not see their inalienable rights are being infringed upon in systemic way on a daily basis by these two professions.

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