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The Housemates share a Moment of Gratitude, Ike & Mercy continue Their Tug of Love on #BBNaija Day 75



The Grateful Gathering

This morning, gathered in a circle, the Pepper Dem Gang (well except for Mercy, Cindy, and Tacha) each expressed all they were grateful for.

After the session with Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, the Pepper Dem Gang seem to have embraced a new approach to living. An approach initiated by Mike that focused on being grateful for the little things. Without a fuss, the Housemates gathered together in a circle and expressed heartfelt appreciation for things that brought them joy.


Still impressed by him going all out at the Wager Task, Seyi expressed gratefulness for Elozonam and the extra work he put in. Although it might have hurt his purse, paying Team Legend for their win was another thing Seyi added to the list of the things he was grateful for. He was also grateful for everyone waking up hale and hearty and happy to be with the rest of the Pepper Dem Gang. With him up for Evictionthis Sunday, that’s definitely one thing he’d be grateful for.


After an impressive performance at the Wager Task, Frodd was able to smile back into the House with Bet9ja Coins and for this, he was grateful. He was also grateful for life, good breakfast and the rest of the Housemates.


Diane’s party was a regular feature on what the Housemates were grateful for. She was also grateful for the win, coins, Biggie, life, health, rain and dinner from Pure Bliss. We saw how much she had to eat and all she took away and we totally understand why she was grateful. Compared with last week, this week has been relatively peaceful. Khafi noticed too and she expressed gratitude.


Coming into the Pepper Dem House long after all the other Housemates and staying for seven weeks is a big feat. A feat Elozonam was grateful for. He and Cindy are the last two Housemates remaining from their set. He was also grateful that his head wasn’t hurting as much, his big appetite and Diane’s party.


She also had the usual list of what she was grateful for, her party tonight, being happy, surviving workout, but one thing on her grateful list that made us pause was when she particularly singled out Elozonam and expressed gratefulness for meeting him. Could their relationship be something we should look forward to even outside the House?


A week Omashola doesn’t have to stand up during the Live Eviction Show is a good week for him and he expressed gratitude for that. He was also grateful that Mike initiated this session.


Ike wasn’t a man of many words but he still shared how grateful he was for being alive, his arms and legs, Diane’s party and working out, but no mention of Mercy. This we found weird because he expressed gratitude for alcohol. Twice! So it definitely couldn’t be because he ran out of time to mention Mercy. There was no stopwatch.


He initiated the session and was the last to go. Mike was grateful for Friday, health, energy in the circle, rain, being able to sleep in spite of Team Enigma’s loss and Seyi snoring. He was also grateful at being in Biggie’s house and a warm shower.

It’s always nice to see the Pepper Dem Gang take time off petty squabbles and start the day on a grateful note.

Watch the Housemates Show Gratitude

Tug Of Love

The tug of love continues with Ike and Mercy. Who’s right, who’s wrong and who needs to do better?

With each passing day, the crack in Ike and Mercy’s relationship keeps getting evident. Most evident crack is the way both of them perceive they are being treated unfairly by each other. Mercy wants to feel and be loved, but that isn’t what she’s getting while Ike believes based on emotional impulses, she goes out of her way to hurt and trigger him. What’s amazing about them is how easily their fights can be triggered. This time it was because of a shower Ike left running

I’m Too Fine For To Be Dealing With This

In a moment of anger triggered by Mercy, Ike finds solace in the bottle and Tacha’s company where he bears his heart out. It seems the stress of having to deal with their frequent fights has started getting to Ike. So much that he is willing to opt out and find a replacement. “I will find another you (Mercy) in a minute,” he said to Tacha. “Dealing with this over and over again is so irritating.”

Singing A Different Tune

Making his way back to the bedroom, Ike switched to a different tune. So much for “finding another you.”

“I don’t like fighting with you… I want you more than anything. I am ready to do anything. I can’t lose you. It’s not just the house, I feel something for you,” Ike

Watch Ike Discuss His Relationship With Tacha

Wanting To Feel Loved

“He is not caring at all. I want to feel loved. I want him to go out of his way from me…  I mustn’t be the one to do everything its getting tiring. I am getting really tired… I want to love and be loved back,” Mercy.

As Mike said, it’s the little things and the case of leaving the shower turned on was one of the little things that triggered Mercy and prompted her to eventually opening up to Mike about Ike’s inadequacies especially when it comes to treating her right and making her feel loved.

Watch Her Conversation With Mike

The complaints are the same and so are the results. It gets better for a while and they go back to the status quo. It makes one question if their habits are too hard to break or their love isn’t strong enough. Either way, something has to give. Either they pay attention to the habits bent on ruining their relationships or sacrifice what they strived for weeks to build.

Seyi Triumphs In Treasure Island

With four challenges to complete in tonight’s Arena games, the Pepper Dem Gang took a walk down treasure island.

The preparation for Diane’s planned pool party tonight did not come in the way of the Housemates’ competitive spirit as they fought their way to an Arena win. For a prize of 400 Bet9ja Coins and a chance to be rewarded with two million Naira, courtesy of Bet9ja, there’s no limit to how fast you can go in Biggie’s House.

Bursting The Balloons

All the Housemates had to do to complete this challenge was to burst a single balloon using their buttocks only. In other news, they had to sit on the balloon to make it pop. For this, a special mat was provided for this challenge in which the balloon had to be popped on. Easy right?

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The Jigsaw Puzzle

For this challenge, a reference picture of the puzzle was shown to the Housemates to attempt to solve this puzzle.

Seeing that the Housemates have been Tasked by Biggie on the game of puzzles, it was no surprise seeing them comfortably go through this challenge. Or so we thought until Seyi and Ike breezed through the puzzle hurdle like bosses, which earned them first and second places respectively.

1568412782 34 screenshot 2019 09 13 at 11.09.58 pm

Saving The Damsel In Distress

A mysterious damsel in the Arena needed the help of the Pepper Dem Gang and it was their duty to provide her with a lifebuoy for her rescue. Standing on a marked position, their challenge was to throw the lifebuoy around the neck of the distressed damsel. This sure tested their patience, especially Tacha’s.

1568412846 34 screenshot 2019 09 13 at 10.08.56 pm

The Treasure Chest

For Khafi and Omashola, this was the master test in tonight’s challenge. The treasure chest had several keys and only one of the keys on the table could open the lock to the chest.

Their challenge was to open the lock and fetch for themselves the special gold Bet9ja Coin – which they ended up taking out of the Arena as souvenirs from Biggie.

Starting with Elozonam and wrapping it up with Seyi, the Housemates took turns in Biggie’s Treasure Island.

1568412501 34 screenshot 2019 09 13 at 9.24.57 pm

The Golden Win

Wrapping up the challenge, Seyi completed the Arena Games like a boss as he finished in one minute, thirteen seconds. Following him closely on the chart with a few seconds apart was Ike with one minute, forty seconds.

As a reward with the best time in the challenge, Seyi bagged himself four hundred Bte9ja Coins and 20 Coins for each of his teammate. What a time to be in team Enigma. In addition, Ike earned himself two hundred Bet9ja Coins for getting second place. Congrats guys!

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With the Arena challenges getting more intense, who’ll eventually be crowned the winner of the Bet9ja Arena Games?