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5 Tweets that Prove that Naira Marley is a Philosophical Genius (Like Twitter Users Claim)



A cursory glance through Twitter and you’ll see Nigerians continuing to rave about the genius of Naira Marley. It’s an epidemic.

…and on and on like that the tweets go.

Lke the saying goes: If you can’t beat them, join them, we have decided to join them, sharing five tweets (Soapy Nuggets, if you like) to prove that, yes, indeed, the Soapy crooner is a philosophical genius.

Here, the philosopher postulates that contrary to the belief that altruism is unattainable, some people, actually, are born into the world as natural altruists. He discusses, here, those who are empaths, who helplessly experience the emotions of others, but require no such thing in return. True altruism exists, Philosopher Marley says, and we agree.

How many times have we heard that comparing our lives to others is no way to live, as it only brings pain. But, here, the philosopher brings a new twist to it, saying: Enjoy your own life, he says, stressing the fact that when you stop comparing your life to that of others, then you will begin to enjoy it.

Heartbreak is a real thing, and the philosopher is aware. When we have a love interest pull away from us, it’s easy for us to see them as untrustworthy and underserving of our love. But the philosopher, here, posits a different angle: that our love interest pulls away only because they have been promised love several times before, and that love was taken away from them. The philosopher explains that our love interest pulls away because they are afraid of being hurt again (some characteristic empathy and understanding from the philosopher).

Toxic masculinity is what is being investigated here by the philosopher. The philosopher, speaking from a man’s point of view, is acutely aware of man’s unwillingness to be vulnerable, and how liquor and its alcoholic properties help to open a man’s heart and loosen his tongue, allowing him to express his true feeling to his friends. The philosopher takes a magnifying glass to masculinity and male friendships, and he comes back up clear eyed and insightful.

Here, the philosopher is a male ally of feminism. (And making the statement on our Independence Day, for that matter.) You’ve probably heard the saying: Men are trash. It is a short and concise sentence against the patriarchy, and here the philosopher reveals his understanding of the dangers of patriarchy, how it wrecks havoc on our society, disenfranchising women.

With these few points of ours, we hope we’ve been able to convince you, and not confuse you, that, indeed, Naira Marley is a philosophical genius. Thank you.

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