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Adaora and Akinlabi Akinbulumo speak on Imposter Syndrome & the Creative Process on “The Lumination Show” | Watch 



In this episode of Adaora Mbelu‘s “Lumination Show,” brand developer, and visual artist Akinlabi Akinbulumo talks about the imposter syndrome, ego and the creative process.

He explores various principles that have worked for him on his creative journey. The myth of competition, the mistakes that people make with their brands, how the brain works, and the nature of fear.

Here are a few points he made

1. Ego is self-protection. Everytime your ego is being displayed, it is you trying to preserve an image that people have of who you are.

2. The only way to move things to your long memory is by repetition. Once your brain can see patterns, it makes it easier to save in our long term memory.

3. You don’t have to try and get attention at the detriment of others.

4. You will learn faster, if you learn how to learn. There is a method to learning.

5. Competition is for the most part, a scarcity mind-set.

Watch the video below:

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