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Yet Another “Torture Centre” has been Discovered, this time in Ibadan



What does it say about us as a people if more and more of these “torture centres” continue to be discovered across different parts of the country.

This time, in Ibadan, Oyo State, over 200 people were, according to The Cable, discovered in chains.

The police raided the Olore Central Mosque, where they discovered the “illegal rehabilitation centre” filled with men and women, all of them malnourished.

A victim who spoke after the raid revealed that he’d been in the centre since 2015, carted there by his parents after he was found to be smoking igbo.

Some friends he made in the centre died of torture, he said, and their bodies were ferried to unknown places to be buried, all without informing their parents. Another victim shared that some girls in the centre were raped and impregnated, with the pregnancies aborted.

The Commissioner of Police in the State, Monday Shina Olukolu, shared that five people connected to the centre have been arrested.

Actually, when the police got here, we discovered that young men, young women are being kept in captivity in a dungeon-like situation. As a matter of fact, man’s inhumanity to man is being manifested in this environment. And we are not happy about the situation.

The owner of the centre, Ismail Olore, shared that the victims were given to him for them to be healed, with some parents even requesting for their wards to be chained. He, however, only used Quran recitations to heal them, he said.