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“I’m gifting My Mum the Perfect Christmas Gift” Ideas Worth Sharing



I remember the first time my mom asked for my help financially. I was about 16 and we were driving past a fast food joint. She wanted to get some food but she didn’t have her wallet with her. I had mine so she asked if she could use my N2,500 to pay for the food and repay me later. I turned around, looked her straight in the eye and said: “there is rice at home.” Just kidding, I bought it for her and we went home.

That was eleven years ago and a lot has changed since then. For starters, my retired mother needs far more than 2500 Naira from me these days and while I’m always excited to help her out financially, I have always felt like I could be doing more to compensate for all the sacrifices she made for me.

This Christmas, I decided to do something nice for her and buy her a car. Finding the perfect car is huge stress because as you know, some cars usually come with one “awooof” or the other and some are overly expensive so I searched high and low. Finally, I stumbled upon something I didn’t even know I should have been searching for. The Plentywaka Vehicle Partnership opportunity. I was presented with three options:

  • Vehicle Onboarding:
    This means that owners of vehicles can enlist their vehicles on the Plentywaka platform and as their drivers generate revenues for them, they get paid weekly.
  •  Vehicle Lease Financing:
    With this, you get to incur just 30% of the equity cost and then partner with a Vehicle Leasing Company to make a 70% contribution to the vehicle. The vehicle will then be placed on Plentywaka to convey passengers and generate revenues for all parties involved.
  • Vehicle Purchase with Cars45:
    This option allows individuals to directly purchase their vehicles on Cars45, then get them placed on the Plentywaka pool. This is a direct purchase method that will see quality vehicles purchased and placed on the Plentywaka platform having met the quality checks by Cars45

What got my interest in all three options was the fact that I could set up a partnership with my mother’s details and she would be earning 500k – 800k returns monthly while contributing to safe and convenient transportation in my
city. After assessing all the options, I decided to buy a car for her through Cars45 and place the car on the Plentywaka pool.

This option was really exciting because she would be earning returns, the car would remain 100% hers, and she would be aiding safe and convenient transportation. She would also be creating job opportunities for drivers and Vehicle Assistants through her vehicle. I called my mother and informed her of the surprise Christmas gift and she was ecstatic. She sang praises and prayers in my ears for giving her such a thoughtful gift and I was so happy I was able to compensate even in the slightest way to all the sacrifices she had made for me.

If you want to put a smile on your parents’ faces too, it’s very easy:

  • Visit the website
  • Fill in your contact details.
  • Select the type of partnership from the options available.

A customer care representative will call for a follow-up.

Open a Plentywaka Vehicle Partnership program for your parents today! Get them a gift that will keep on giving every month.

For more information, kindly reach out to the customer care representative here or call  +234 703 1966 563.


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