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Deontay Wilder wants Us to know We can Rise Above & Heal from Depression |WATCH



He’s considered a champion today, but boxer Deontay Wilder has fought battles, too, outside the ring, including once being close to suicide.

Speaking to BT Sports, Wilder shared that he was at the lowest point in his life when his daughter was born back in 2005.

At a point in 2006, he had a gun on his lap, ready to commit suicide. He said:

Those thoughts come to your head – we’re all human. Those thoughts come to anyone’s head that is going through some type of depression or going through different things in your lives.

You think the only way to end all of this is to end your life. You are not thinking about anyone else, you’re just thinking about yourself and what’s going on.

He persevered, and for his daughter picked up his gloves, going ahead to become a bronze medalist at the Olympics in 2008, and a world champion at 33.

Watch him speak about that time of his life:

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