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Having Issues with Power Supply in Nigeria? This Thread Should Help ?



In a country like Nigeria, where power (PHCN/NEPA) has become a major problem for both the rich and the poor, and now that we all are stuck at home, we’ve likely been running more on generators than NEPA.

This period is most likely the time you need constant power to run your fridge to preserve your food (and that panic-buying), your AC because of the heat, your TV just to keep you occupied while you watch Nexflix, or keep the kids busy, your laptops, phones, power banks and more.

Raise your hands if you’ve been using these things more?

But guess what – We’ve got a solution for you and this Twitter thread might come in handy.

Check on it!

According to this Twitter user, @KaganTech, here’s how you can stay ‘sane’, even without electricity:

I see a lot of people wailing about electricity. I guess you are just noticing power is shit and nothing works in Nigeria. Here is my budget minimalist hack/list of things you need to prioritize so that you won’t run mad:

You need a diesel/Petrol generator that can run air conditioning. In my case 3ACs 9KVA. But if it’s not a must to run all AC’s together. Say 1 or 2 if 1 of the 2 in an inverter AC, Firman 6.7 -7.6 Kva Zero gravity will do. Budget 235 – 400k depending on your pocket.

You need a smaller gen. For days when you are rationing fuel or simply don’t need AC’s more fuel-efficient. Sumen Firman 3.5kva will do. It will run all your basics and your refrigerator. Budget 75- 90K.

The fuel cannot stop coming. You also can’t always go out to get it. And you cannot store it at home. Because not safe. Get a Bikeman. Buy 2 50 litre kegs. Alternate and fill. You can pay the fellow with your discretion. Drop at your gate and you pick up. Transfers are safer.

If you are like me and you entirely run on USB C MacBooks for your work. Even better. You won’t always want the noise and you may need to keep working. You need power banks capable of powering your MacBooks and phones. They will run you anywhere from 65-150$ depending on capacity.

You can also use your bike man to run errands for dispenser water and other related errands. One tip for groceries: buy a lot more of the stuff you don’t like so that it will last wayyy longer. Also, focus on grains and items that are less perishable.

Tata has a high vitamin C content as well If you got kids or u r secretly a kid inside. Buy like 100 of those and put in your refrigerator. I haven’t had the power for over a month. I can’t tell the difference anymore. In fact, alternating my generators is more reliable. Kpom.

Very important: don’t ask me about Solar and inverters… here is the painful truth. They are not reliable. I used them. They don’t work. Expensive to get setups that will run everything and very very unreliable. Don’t bother.

Here’s his tweet:

You’re welcome ?


  1. Kay

    March 28, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Disagree with the comment on inverters. Been using one for several months now and it has made such a huge difference.

  2. Ade

    March 29, 2020 at 12:16 pm

    This is just obscence…on so many levels.

  3. Marie

    May 22, 2020 at 10:23 am

    Wow…to me the idea of using an inverter is not bad…. I have an aunt who use it and it has been serving her really well

  4. Aniakor Uche Prince

    July 27, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    Well the idea of using solar and inverter….. sometimes has to do with the companies that you got it from and also individuals. We know the energy in this is store which means if not properly used with the right appliance, this can damage your inverter. And also look for companies that is doing well like 8minutenergy, cypress creek Renewbies, NextEra Energy inc, vanpeux solarity etc. Dont just see any shop or people with panels in there shop, then u buy from them.

  5. Aniakor Prince Uche

    July 27, 2020 at 6:47 pm

    your dread didnt help, it still d same thing. ALOT will be spent on petrol and maintenance/servicing. Your conclusion on inverters and solar is vary wrong. Getting from right companies like Ecoplexus inc, intersect power, vanpeux solarity etc matters too.

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