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TV Shows We Wish Would Get a Remake



Who else remembers sitting before the TV, waiting on 4 PM? Who remembers those multi-coloured lines that signalled broadcast was about to begin? We remember it just like yesterday.

Reminiscing on the good old days, we’ve actually come a long way from when we were all glued to probably one channel (NTA) and its entertaining soaps.

Join us as we recall some Nigerian soap operas/TV Shows we really wish would get a remake.

Ultimate Power:

Do you remember ayamatanga, that scary word that was a nightmare for every Nigerian child growing up in the 90s. “Ultimate Power” was a serialised movie produced by Mount Zion films. The phrase ayamatanaga is one no 90s child who grew up in Nigeria will be unfamiliar with.



Starring Ego Boyo, Richard Mofe-Damijo, the late Francis Agu to name a few, “Checkmate” centred around the powerful Haatrope family and kept us all glued to our screens.

Fuji House of Commotion:

Oh, the good old days of “Fuji House of Commotion“, that refreshing hilarious show with amazing actors and the catchiest theme song (we’re sure it still rings in your head). To be honest, Amaka Igwe really made childhood fun and a remake would be much loved.

Super Story (2001-2018)

“This is Super Story” every Thursday was hmmm… fun. No one wanted to miss Wale Adenuga‘s soap. Remember the first season, the story of Suara and Toyin Tomato, yes – Sola Sobowale – unforgettable.

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