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All The Times Liberian Fashionista Sarlea Mah Proved “More Is More”



Over the past few years, we’ve seen brands, influencers, bloggers slowly move from minimalist, demure aesthetics to the exact opposite – maximalism. Maximalist fashion includes clashing prints, exaggerated asymmetrical cuts, outlandish designs based on the philosophy that more is more; simply put, drama!

Sarlea Mah is one of those fashionistas pushing the trend.

The Liberia-born fashion entrepreneur and consignment dealer has amassed a significant Instagram following by sharing well-curated over-the-top ensembles, her travels, and interior decor inspiration. Her audience which spans Africa and the United States where she currently lives is usually anxious to see what kind of quirky outfit combination she puts together next.

And she never disappoints, rocking a mixture of high-end and high-street, however, most of her looks are from her eponymous fashion brand Sarlea Mah; a bespoke brand for the woman who dares to be fierce.

Needless to say, maximalism isn’t a new fashion concept, but fashion faves like Sarlea make us love it even more.

Looking for more maximalist fashion inspiration? See some of our favourite Sarlea Mah looks below:

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