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#BellaNaijaMCM Davies Okeowo of Enterprise Hill is On a Mission to Birth a First World Africa.

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For businesses to succeed, they must build a structure, and recruit the right people on its team; our #BellaNaijaMCM this week Davies Okeowo is helping medium and small business enterprises across Nigeria achieve this.

Davies is the founder of Enterprise Hill, a business development firm helping MSMEs become more sustainable and profitable.

Davies’ first business after university failed woefully but fortunately for him, a had a mentor who helped him with business structure to the the point that he started helping other entrepreneurs develop their business. That’s how Enterprise Hill was born, in 2015, as an accounting and business development firm.

Driven by the desire to ensure a more developed Africa and the need for human capital development, Davies decided to tap into Africa’s greatest resources – its youth – and up-skill the population to meet global needs. In 2018, he co-founded Competence Africa, a social enterprise whose primary objective is to improve the quality of Africa’s human capital through fast-paced technology adoption.

Its programs targets undergraduates, job seekers, professionals, and civil servants. Through its flagship program – The CASA Program – Competence Africa has helped undergraduates gain competence in the use of the technology tools that are redefining the present and the future of work.

Today, over 148 students have graduated from its program and over 2,000 businesses have been impacted.

Davies is the season 2 winner of Nigerian entrepreneurial reality show The Next Titan. He was named in Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Class of 2020. He’s a member of the Utiva Faculty, providing Lean Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation training.

Davies is tackling underdevelopment in Africa from all sides and we’re rooting for him!