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Bianka Bryant Just Taught Us a Cute Dance Step ?



Vanessa Bryant shared an adorable video on her Instagram showing the moment her third daughter, Bianka Bella, crashed into her big sister Natalia Bryant’s Tik Tok video.

Natalia was in the middle of a Tik Tok synchronized dance with some of her friends when little sister Bianka slid into the frame and began doing her own dance moves.

Natalia was visibly surprised as Bianka went right up to the camera with an ear-to-ear grin and began rocking out to the Camp Rock soundtrack.

“Little sister. Bianka Bella,” Vanessa captioned the video, adding the nickname “BB Kiddo,” hashtags #famlily and #cousins, and a heart emoji.

Watch the cute video below:

Photo Credit: @VanessaBryant

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  1. Brenda Robinson

    April 21, 2020 at 6:48 pm

    Hello from Austin Tx! Thank you Brynt Family for sharing & spreading your love that is so needed today, you are making your father very proud from Heaven and G.G. too! We are in this fight with you in prayer to stay strong, Kobe leaves a great Legacy that circles the universe and as you dance they are dancing too, and when you smile believe it honey they are smiling back at you, Even the stars at night they shine to let you know that they shine at a special request just for you! Have no fear and remember everyday when you were with your loved ones they are still with you in spirit for they are by by your side as Angels to keep you safe in all your ways , so enjoy each day as though they are still with you! Love from Brenda Robinson A Tx Grandma, I’m dancing with you too ! Shalom


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