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The World has Gone Digital, Your Business should Too! CICOD Lyte is Here to Show You How



Unprecedented seasons create unprecedented challenges, especially for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) working with slimmer profit margins than some of the corporate big dogs. Just when you had found a system that was working for you, COVID-19 has you scrambling to get your store online, struggling to track cashless payments, and realising that balancing a store across Instagram, Whatsapp, and the web is quite the challenge for your small team. Don’t worry. We understand. 

CICOD Lyte is here to relieve you of some of that burden. We offer business automation solutions that help you navigate the ins and outs of running a business in the digital age. Our software offers you a single centralised hub to process unlimited orders via several channels – whether that be in-store, on Instagram, or on your own website. With CICOD Lyte, you can update the statuses of your customers’ orders, auto-generate invoices to send via text or email, and importantly, keep track of your inventory in real-time so that your product catalog is always up to date. 

Opening your online branches means you also must be prepared to accept online payments. CICOD Lyte can also help you out with that. Our unique CICOD Invoice ID is recognised by all major payment channels which means that your customers will easily be able to pay by card, POS, or even bank transfer if they prefer. 

Going digital may feel more urgent now but at CICOD Lyte, we understand the unique challenges that MSMEs face that can be obstacles to this transition. One challenge in particular is not losing your loyal clientele along the way. CICOD Lyte can assist with your communication channels so that you can reward your customers with easily set discounts, promotions, and loyalty features for the regulars. With our software, you can also organise automated messages to your customers to inform them about your sales, special events, and opening times.

Our services don’t end at the point of purchase. We also have systems that help you handle feedback more conveniently. CICOD Lyte provides novel ways for you to update customers instantly on their requests and complaints and also facilitates the delegation of tasks to your team members so that you can make sure that someone is actually working on it. 

Still not convinced? No problem. We’re giving you a 30-day free trial of any of the different packages so you can take us for a spin! Stick with us and you get all this and more for only N1500 a month. With CICOD Lyte, you won’t just stay afloat in this period, but you will emerge even stronger than when you went in. 

The world has gone digital, your business should too! Let CICOD Lyte take you there.
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