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It’s True that Nigerians Evacuated from other Countries Have to Pay for Quarantine | The Foreign Affairs Minister Explains Why



You’ve probably seen the document circulating on social media, or heard the news somewhere: Nigerians evacuated from other countries because of the coronavirus have to pay ₦290,000 for their own quarantine.

Now, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Godffrey Onyeama, is explaining why.

According to Punch, Onyeama said during a press briefing on Friday that the evacuated Nigerians have to stay in hotels, which there are no resources for.

He said:

This is not by any stretch of imagination something the government is happy to do. As I mentioned, if the resources were there, we would evacuate everybody.

620 people have already been evacuated, he shared, and they are currently being cared for by the Federal Government.

Photo Credit: abikedabiri

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