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Flour Mills of Nigeria donates Medical Supplies worth over $1.5 million to combat COVID-19



You thought you had heard the last of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN)! Guess again! How can we stop talking about an organization that has consistently shown its generosity and genuine passion for Nigerians?

Not too long ago, we witnessed how FMN, one of Nigeria’s largest food and Agro-allied groups, the makers of Golden Penny products moved around the country to donate food across Nigeria. From the north, south, east, and west, they have to uphold their 60 years determined purpose of feeding the nation, every day!

FMN has decided to go even further and really make a significant impact during these very trying and uncertain times. This time around, FMN is donating over $1.5 million (USD) worth of COVID-19 testing kits, personal protective equipment, and ventilators to the Federal Government to help beef up Nigeria’s fight against COVID-19. The supplies include 331,000 pieces of PPE (N95 Masks, Coveralls, Protective gloves, Protective eyewear) enough to provide regular use for 10,000 Nigerian health care professionals for over two months.

FMN has continued to target the challenges which Nigerians are facing due to COVID-19 with its best efforts. The medical equipment will facilitate about 100 field testing capacity per day and 35,000 laboratory-based testing capacities. This is a gesture that every Nigerian can appreciate. Once all the supplies have been distributed, it will go a long way to support Nigeria’s fight against COVID-19.

This action by FMN is extremely effective and inspirational. They are providing valuable support to the healthcare workers across the country, who are putting their lives on the line daily, to stop the spread of the virus and ensure that Nigerians are safe. Flour Mills of Nigeria has managed to show excellent leadership skills during these tough times in the country, one which is hugely appreciated.


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