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Infinix Mobility joins Hands with the Lagos State SDG Department to cater for 2,000 Households amidst COVID-19



Infinix Mobility, In partnership with the Lagos state SDG Department, sets out to support 2,000 households amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

If there’s one positive outcome of the recent global event, it will definitely be that it has helped us to focus our lenses on humanity once again. Amidst the global health crisis, individuals have learned to put greed aside and lend a hand to those in need.

Organizations have pulled resources together with rival brands, damning the competition and focusing more on alleviating the pain of the people around them, and also, socially responsible brands have continued in their venture towards impacting society. Although there’s a lethal virus on the loose, we are rest assured that we have each other’s backs and we will see this through together.

Speaking of collaboration, support, and being socially responsible, Infinix, a smartphone brand with an indubitable reputation for catering to the needs of the younger generation in Nigeria; empowering them with cutting-edge devices and muchneeded resources in order to inspire them to achieve their dreams has joint hands with the Lagos State Government Sustainable Development Goals and Investment Department to provide citizens in selected environments within the country’s most hit state with the needed supplies to help them get through this trying time.

L-R: Solape Hammond – Special adviser to the Governor, Lagos state Sustainable Development Goals and Investment; Adewunmi Opeyemi – Infinix Mobility representative; Charles Edosomwan – CEO TekSightEdgeLimited

Officials from Infinix Mobility and Lagos state SDG office alike, have set out on their journey to turn long-faced Nigerians into brightly smiling people. When a truck full of goodies stops at your driveway and a man with a wild grin walks up to you with a weighty carton from the goody truck, there’s only one expression to give and it certainly is that of utter elation. This raised to a power of ten, was what the experience was like in all of the visited areas.

All representatives who participated in the distribution where fully girded with their protective gear and strictly adhered to all preventive measures in order to ensure their personal safety and that of the citizens they interfaced with.

It was pleasing to see a spark of hope return to the faces of these people who had suffered severely from the consequences of the virus’ spread.

Speaking during the donation, a representative from Infinix Mobility, Yemi Adewunmi enjoined citizens to join in the battle against the virus by; staying indoors, using protective gear in cases where they truly need to go outside and maintaining proper hygiene.

In his words, “From the point of planning this intervention to this very moment of execution, we have been enthusiastic all the way because we knew deep down that it was the right thing to do. We understand the plight of every citizen that has had to stay at home in order to give our health professionals a fair chance at defeating this virus. This token that we have brought to you is but a compensation for your heroism through this trying time. We enjoin you to stay at home as much as possible and protect yourselves with the approved gears if you must go out and also maintain proper hygiene as these are our only weapons against the lethal virus.”

This initiative was in consonance with the second of the sustainable development goals “zero hunger” hence the partnership with the SDG department. The SDG department helped with providing a database for vulnerable areas within the state, which was used in determining the recipients of the relief package.

In addition to the delivery of relief packages, Infinix Mobility also distributed 4,000 units of face masks and 20 Infrared head thermometers across 20 hospitals and government health offices within Lagos state.

Infinix Mobility among several organizations have proven themselves to be socially responsible during this time and we can only hope to see more organizations rise up to the occasion and support the government and its people in this battle against the lethal coronavirus.

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  1. Sunbiz

    May 13, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    That is lovely. Kudos to them

  2. Waist trainer

    June 18, 2020 at 5:59 pm

    “4,000 units of face masks and 20 Infrared head thermometers across 20 hospitals and government health offices within Lagos state” please you guys should ensure it gets to everyone and not to keep it to yourself.

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