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This Thread about a Man Harassing a Girl in a Cab shows We Still Have a Long Way to Go

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So much of it is heartbreaking: that the man had the temerity to do this in public; that his temerity was justified after the girl’s complaints were ignored by other passengers; the neglect of our security agencies. All of it, heartbreaking.

Here’s the full story: two videos were shared in a Twitter thread by @DanielFaithArts showing a sister of his get harassed in broad daylight by a man.

She reported to the people she was in the cab with, but they ignored, told her she was overreacting.

After that she made a video and reported to soldiers at a checkpoint on the road. And what happened? The molester spoke Hausa to the soldiers, then told the girl to remain quiet or he’d have her detained.

How can you continually harass a girl and ask her to remain quiet or you’ll have her detained?

See the videos and read the story for yourself:

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