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Ijeoma Okonkwo’s Open Letter to Her Sons is Perfectly Full of Hope



Kcee‘s wife, Ijeaoma Okonkwo has written an open letter to her sons, Kanye and King.

The creative director took to her Instagram to pen an open letter to her son, assuring them of her unwavering love for them. She also encouraged them to be confident in themselves, not conform to the patriarchic mentality of the world, but rather enlighten and educate their male friends on the need to protect girls at all times.

Read the full letter below:


Dear Kanye and King,

Thank you for giving me the privilege of being your mother, I do not take it for granted.

Today like most days, I’m reminded that I’ve a very important job to do in your lives, which is raising you both to be perfect gentlemen.

I know our patriarchy society would try to tell you otherwise by rubbing your ego and letting you feel like you’re larger than life and you can do whatever you want and get away with it, but that is not so… I need you to understand that it’s your duty to protect every girl/woman you encounter on your life’s journey.
It is important that you make them feel safe anytime they are around you and also enlighten and educate your male friends on the need to protect the females at all times.

The world is getting scarier and tougher everyday even for you as a male, ranging from sexual abuse to police brutality etc.
Everyday I pray to God to keep protecting you and shielding you away from all evil

Never forget who you are
Never conform to the standards of the world

You’re The chosen ones ?? Love


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