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Protesters March Against Sexual & Gender-Based Violence in Lagos & Abuja



Sexual and gender-based violence has been happening for a very long time, in and out of Nigeria. Most victims stay silent, giving room for perpetrators to execute their evil deeds over and over again, even to several others.

Thanks to the media, many survivors are now coming out, culprits are now being found out.

Several protests and marches have been held across the country to highlight the plight of women and children who constantly fall victims of gender-based violence.

Lagosians are currently marching against sexual and gender-based violence in the country.

The protesters who have no intention of disrupting the daily activities of non-protesters or going against the social distancing guideline are simply hoping to pass their message across with the various words inscribed on their placards, and ensuring justice is gotten for victims and survivors.

Check out some of the protesters below:

And here is a video of protesters in Abuja

Photo Credit: StandtoEndRape

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