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11 Tips on Being a Supportive Dad to Your Pregnant Partner, According to Tolu Adeleke-Aire



Your partner isn’t the only one who’s expecting, there are two of you having this baby, and you’re in it together.

Tolu Adeleke-Aire is giving a lowdown on how to be a helpful dad to your mum-to-be each with 11 pregnancy tips such as:

  • Attending antenatal checkups
  • Be her advocate while attending antenatal checkups.
  • Support with house chores.
  • Speak words of affirmation and encouragement to your partner, such as “darling you look beautiful today”, “you’re doing so well”, “I’m so blessed you’re carrying our child”, and so on.
  • Don’t take the mood swings personal.

Watch the video and find out more:

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