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5 BellaNaijarians share their Ridiculous Experiences at the Barber Shop



I mean, we all have one, don’t we? That time we walked into the barber shop with certain expectations and came out shocked to our bones.

And now 5 BellaNaijarians are sharing times this happened to them.

The experiences range from the very Nigerian parental set up to, well, feeling sexually harassed.

Hopefully these are experiences you can’t relate to.

Check them out:

The guy who wanted to burn his barber’s shop afterward

Mine was when I wanted to travel. As per say I want to go and slay I was expecting one very fine cut that all the girls will go gaga ? for. Unfortunately this dude scraped my hair so low I wanted to cry, but I went back there and told him to put relaxer so my hair could grow longer. At least it would coil and be fine. To my surprise I came out of the shop looking like my hair had been burnt. Had to wear a cap for like a month.

The next day of this unfaithful event I wanted to go and burn his shop with petrol.

The one who was almost sexually harassed

The crazy barber was tryna shove his preek in my face ?.

The one who left with a different hair colour

I asked him to dye my hair wine ended up with brown.

The one who was mistakenly robbed

I left my bag open mistakenly and someone mistakenly took my money as her own.

The classic parental set up

So my mum asked me to accompany my dad to barb his hair. Next thing I knew, my father asked me to have a haircut too (which I didn’t plan for). The barber shaved off everything instead of my regular low cut ??. My parents set me up ??.

And you? What has been your own most ridiculous experience?

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