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The Little Joys of Everyday Living

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Life is good, but it can get better if we learn to appreciate the littlest things. From the air we breathe in, to sunshine, the stars, the food we eat, water, trees, having a sense of appreciation makes it easier for us to navigate through life, gives us a better sense of being, and fills our hearts with love and gratitude.
These BellaNaijarians have shared what brings them joy in their every day lives and guess what? They are the little things.

Like Having Something to Eat

Food – Gbemi

Good food. Period! – Glam

Food and peace ✌️-  Annjay

Food and going out  – Vicky

Eating shawarma ???? – Tiipree

Food ?  – Kazeem

Food and money – Cee

Plantain?  – Kaestate

Food? – Adurafunmi

Food and credit alert ? – Eberechi

A plate of Fruit and fiber, while listening to unstoppable ? – Ekpang

Like Nature

The sight of two birds in flight is a pleasurable thing to see and it brings me joy – Kada Ngbale

Sunshine, fresh air and nature – Uche

The view from my bedroom window – Aderonke

Like Family

Waking up healthy with no bad news from my loved ones – Iferolayo

My babies. Especially the younger one with all her hilarious one-liners – Isiprash

Famous Amos biscuit, hugs from my 4yr old and smiles from my 7month old baby – Duns

My kids running up and down the house and the feeling of gratitude I get after I have shouted ‘stop it’ a thousand times – Damilola

My nephew and nieces – Seyi

The laughter of my children and their “thank you” – Amy

Good health and happy family – Twingy

Family – Orlu

My nephew and niece. Just thinking about them gladdens my heart  – Luweezzer

Like Money

Sales?. Enough patronage – Wak

Knowing God gat me and alerts – Dame

Waking up to credit alerts. I can’t come and die – Molokwu Peter

Earning money
Seeing a movie
Washing my hair
Eating  – Omiete

Credit alert!! – Mimi

Credit alert?  – Rekiat

When customers say “sent, kindly confirm payment”. The joy?  – Daad

Credit alert! – Rodo

Like Our Pets

My dog @rileyminpin,sometimes when I’m frustrated at work, I see a strand of his fur on my clothes and I smile – Temi

My dog licking my face when I get back home from work ☺️  – Linda

Other Blessings

Beautiful lines of poetry. A big sound of credit alert – VillageStayer

Meeting target – Tosin

Waking up every day, going out and coming back home safe, nothing beats that – Lady Yoj

Happiness, sharing, love – Cellalocs

Sales; plenty of it.
Good food
Gisting& bants with loved ones ? – Petite Beeh 
Helping women lead a wholesome life. ?? – wivesroundtable
I’m most grateful for peace of mind – Onaiwu
What are you grateful for today? Think about it.

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