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“Detty Pig!” Here Are Some Basic Hygiene Practices that You’d Be Surprised Not Every Adult Knows To Embrace

Wash. Your. Undergarments. Don’t let craw-craw be ya portion. No matter how clean you feel down there, still wash your underwear. You don’t have to wait until the edges are chocolate brown or maggots are dropping out of them. Wash.

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Basic hygiene is one of the things everyone is expected to know and practice. Unfortunately, this isn’t so. There are a lot of people who move around distributing mouth and body odour to everyone they come across. Some are harbouring diseases in them and they are (un)knowingly spreading it to whoever is unfortunate enough to get it from them.

Let’s tell you a secret. You see a lot of these big boys and girls, many of them – whispers – have their bath every other day. In fact, some of them – whispers again – are wearing the same underwear for the past three days. If you know this already, then this proves the point: there’s a prevalence of bad hygiene culture among a lot of people.

Health is wealth and basic hygiene is the currency. These two – health and hygiene – go hand in hand. Without proper hygiene, you cannot live a healthy life. What’s worse, you will kobalise everyone around you. This isn’t about being a big boy or fine girl. Basic hygiene is not just for you to have swag, look fine or give them, it is mainly for your over-all well-being. Swag and fineness are important sha.

Let’s look into some of the most basic personal hygiene a lot of adults do not know. You might even catch your sub sef.

Washing some parts of your body

Hmm, do you know that some people don’t wash the inner part of their ears? We kid you not! If you now look into their ears, you will be seeing different kinds of whitish substances and colours in there. Some will even have the map of Nigeria there. For some, it is the back of their ears. If you shift their ears a little, you will see that thick black line at the back of their ears – accumulated dirt due to the many months – or years – of not washing.

Quick advice: Don’t look into people’s ears if you don’t want to see what your eyes are not supposed to see. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

It is the same way some adults don’t know that they ought to wash their abdomen. Do you know those abdomens that are caved inside? Yes, you have to dip your finger into it and wash while you bath. That is the only way to keep it clean and stop it from smelling.

Now to the feet. Guys, standing in the shower and letting the water and soap drip onto your feet is not the same as washing them. Don’t get it twisted. Wash your feet thoroughly, wash your toenails too – you can use an old toothbrush for that. Pedicure and manicure are not just about polishing your nails, it’s more about keeping your feet and hands clean at all times. Don’t forget your heel.

Other parts of the body that people don’t pay much attention to while bathing includes the back, the back of the neck (trust us, this is not an exaggeration), in-between the butt, and so on.

Washing up with water

Toilet papers are awesome, but water is bae. When you poop, it is better to clean up with water. Yea, we know toilet papers are very handy (and readily available) and less messy, still, water is better if you want to practice proper hygiene. If not properly used, toilet papers will clean part of your poop and then leave stinky residue in the perineum region. Washing with water removes the poop completely.

Washing your hair

You’ve got to wash your hair regularly, natural or not. For a lot of people who wear weaves, covering up their hair with ‘attachments’ is an easy way out of taking proper care of their hair and washing it regularly. It’s not supposed to be so. Wearing dreadlocs, long/full hair, or using weaves is not an excuse to not wash your hair. Wash it, mbok. Massage your scalp with oil if it’s dry and wash it with shampoo. If you have build ups on your hair, washing your hair with vinegar and soda helps remove buildups. Give your hair an overall cleaner and healthier appearance.


Many people just brush their teeth for the day and that’s all. It is important to floss regularly, especially after a meal. Flossing cleans and dislodges food stuck between your teeth, which reduces the amount of bacteria and plaque in your mouth.

Flossing does not replace brushing, neither does a mouthwash. But to have healthier gums, it is important to floss regularly.


All those beauty things are not for me jare. You’re wrong! Have you ever seen someone whose face has plenty Egusi? Those whitish things that come out of people’s pores – on the cheeks, on the nose, on the chin, and everywhere else on the face? Yup, those irritating things can be removed when you scrub regularly, cleanse your face and tone. You can do this with honey, lemon, sugar and a little quantity of essential oils. If you are extra, you can add turmeric, cinnamon, camwood, etc. If you don’t have the time or energy for all these serenren,  just buy a body scrub.

Changing your bed sheets and pillowcases

These should be done regularly. Pillowcases and bedsheets harbour a lot of dirt – from your skin, your makeup, your hair, your feet, and so on. It is important to change them as often as you can.

Washing your underwears

Ladies and gentlemen, we saved the best for the last. Wash. Your. Undergarments.Don’t let craw-craw be ya portion. No matter how clean you feel down there, still wash your underwear. You don’t have to wait until the edges are chocolate brown or maggots are dropping out of them. Wash.

Did we leave anything out? Oya add your own.