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Igbos on Twitter are Sharing the Lasting Legacies of the Biafran War

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File Photo. Pro-Biafra Protesters

The Nigerian Civil War, also known as Biafran War, began in the year 1967 and ended in the year 1970. It’s been fifty years since the war ended, and the war is still not discussed or taught in schools as a part of Nigeria’s history. Those who learn about the war are those who were either directly affected, or have family members that were directly affected by it.

Many young Nigerians today who grew up in the West or whose families were not directly affected by the war know next to nothing about it. However, a couple of people who experienced the war either directly or through their parents eyes are sharing their stories on Twitter.

A lot are from interactions are from a tweet many have seen as distasteful.

Many people, from all tribes, saw his tweet as distasteful and asked him not to speak on the matter if he didn’t understand what really happened, and the Igbos who had stories decided to use that as an opportunity to educate anyone who might have similar opinions.

Here’s what they had to say about the Biafran war:

Other people asked that he allow the Igbo’s and those who actually experienced the war to tell their own stories.

Someone spoke on this as a side effect of not having our history taught in schools and another person was of the opinion that Nigerians brought up in Lagos have no interest in learning anything about history.

See tweets below

Some Non-Igbo’s also had strong opinions on this;


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