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Nigerians are Not Happy about the New NIPOST Fee



Have you heard about the new cost of licences from the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) for courier services across the country?

It’s a lot of money, as seen in a circular released by the service.

Companies that provide international courier services, like DHL and UPS, will now be liable to pay ₦20 million for a new license, and ₦8 million renewal (which, according to Punch, will be annual).

Those who provide national services will have to pay ₦10 million for a new license and ₦4 million for a renewal. Regional, state and municipal services are to pay ₦5 million, ₦2 million, and ₦1 million license fees respectively, and ₦2 million, ₦800,000 and ₦400,000 for renewals. For small- and medium-sized enterprises, it’s a ₦250,00 fee for licenses and ₦100,000 for renewals.

There is also a ₦20,000 fee for “application forms and regulatory guidelines.”

Nigerians are expressing their disapproval of the fee, complaining that it is only another burden on entrepreneurs who are operating in an already difficult business landscape.

They’re saying NIPOST cannot act as a competitor and a regulator at the same time, as it also provides the same services these companies it is taxing provide.

There’s also a petition to have the fee structure removed, and you can find that HERE.

NIPOST, on their part, have released a statement saying the fees are to “ensure effective service delivery as consumers would know the capacities of the operators they are dealing with.”

Check out what Nigerians are saying:

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